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Default Re: Gym Roster + Rentals

Asharas the Shiny Charizard [F]
Ability: Blaze
Signature move: Flare Blaze
The flames of a Charmander and evolutions yet to come always burn brighter when fierce battles have been faced. Ashe was one such Pokemon who would face her own opponents who had a type advantage over her. Over and over again, until the peak of her power was reached and skill of her fire attacks hit high. Once her Blaze ability activated, she took it one step further, unleashing even more power against her opponents in a literal blaze of glory. Water type's steamed, rock types melted under the intense heat and so on and so forth. However Ashe would go without taking some of her own recoil damage every time a fire attack was used due to the intensity. This was always a do or die tactic.
Type: Fire
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 15%
-All Fire attacks used that cause 'not very effective' damage become 'normal damage'. 'Normal damage' becomes Super Effective. Super Effective damage as they were.
-All fire attacks used cause 3% recoil damage to remaining health. (Should 2 Fire attacks be used in one round means -7% health for each fire attack in total) This is added to the recoil value if the fire type attack already does recoil damage (Eg. Flare Blitz)
-All fire attacks have a chance of burning if they did not have it previously before.
-Flash Fire Ability is bypassed, however, 2% more recoil damage occurs as a result.
-Flash Fire bypass does normal damage to opponent.
-Can only use when the 'Blaze' ability activates after being commanded to.
-Lasts 3 Rounds and if Asharas is by some whim of a miracle still standing by the end of it, ALL her stats drop by 3 levels. [Including Evasion]
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

I'll post my second Wild Card when I get her.
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