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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
  • Rap
    It just makes me feel kind of like the dudes are yelling at you, plus the fact that every other word most of the time is a swear/people calling one another niggas/etc.

    Most music makes me want to sing. This, for some reason, makes me want to kill them.
  • Country
    Swears. Everywhere I look there is a swear almost. EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY THINKS IT WOULD SAVE THEIR LIVES
  • Heavy Metal/Emo/Screamo
    ...-Covers ears and dun listen-
  • Justin Bevers (People who just can't sing)
    Must I explain? If you can't sing, you can't sing. Its that simple.
  • Autotuning
If you can't sing, why are you trying to be able to? Its silly.

I would go on, but I would be a troll to those whom lie them.
Is there anything that you like?

Rap: I'd love to see you rap.

Country: It is something for people with a southern drawl to relate to.

Heavy Metal/Emo/Screamo: You obviously haven't listened to Sexual Man Chocolate by Attack! Attack!, or Dream Theater, or Symphony-X. You really need to listen to a genre thoroughly to say you dislike it.

Justin Bieber: Okay, I seriously hate it when people attack his singing ability. While I do dislike the person, I do not think he lacks talent. He really is a good singer... or should I say, was?

Autotune: Autotune is not only for people who cant sing. You are thinking of Ke$ha or Pink. As I said, you need to look into more than just the surface.
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