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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase [UPDATED RULES! 30th Aug 11]

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Since you mostly got rid of the black outlines, which makes it look nice and soft, maybe you should also do that for the hair? Just cos the hair's such a light colour. I think the fluff around Evumbreon's neck shouldn't be so.. um... fluffy XD on the left side. It seems like it's sprited as if the Pokemon was facing forwards, but the Pokemon's on a bit of an angle, so maybe that left-hand side should be shaved off a bit since it's turned away... but otherwise it's really cute! Do I make sense? I don't know! Anyway, I like the trainer's colour scheme too. =) Sorry I'm not very good at criticism, but hopefully that was useful somehow!
Thanks for the criticism!

Actually, the Eevee was meant to be a disguise, thus the outlines can't be messed with. Some of the rings, though were custom xD (The shading...I kinna derp at shading, and I was stupid enough to make everything but the outlines white when I made it)

On the trainer...I think that's a good idea! It was honestly meant to look like Cinderella, but I didn't know if I would be good enough at shading the evil color of the sun to do it, most of the time I fail at shading yellow (Who agrees that looks weird when its almost black?).

Imma change that up right now...-opens paint-

Now some fail crits.

I really like it overall; it makes seel seem cute (I highly dislike how their tounge is always sticking out and that the seel's fangs stick out).

Like Mawie said, I think the head dissapears too quick; maybe a frame between it disapearing and the one currently before that?

Another suggestion, maybe a fishing pole or something neerby? That is, only if you want to take the time to add it.
Sorry if this didn't help. at all.

The circle, as I can see myself, is wonky. Its meant to be a creeped out Ghastly, but I was too lazy/failed at doing the smoke, so I had an idea; Make it a glow and add smoke bawlz, indicating that its too scared to have the smoke. Semicomplete scratch there.
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