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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase [UPDATED RULES! 30th Aug 11]

Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
Now some fail crits.

I really like it overall; it makes seel seem cute (I highly dislike how their tounge is always sticking out and that the seel's fangs stick out).

Like Mawie said, I think the head dissapears too quick; maybe a frame between it disapearing and the one currently before that?

Another suggestion, maybe a fishing pole or something neerby? That is, only if you want to take the time to add it.
Sorry if this didn't help. at all.
Thank you! That actually did help! I'll look into adding some stuff, I just have a lot to do before that!


The circle, as I can see myself, is wonky. Its meant to be a creeped out Ghastly, but I was too lazy/failed at doing the smoke, so I had an idea; Make it a glow and add smoke bawlz, indicating that its too scared to have the smoke. Semicomplete scratch there.
I like the idea of it, but the eyes should be bigger, like all Gastly's are.
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