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Default Re: Gym Roster + Rentals

Registering my Wild-Cards.

[Clobberin' Time] Rampardos (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Signature Move:
Smash Tail
Description: Nobody ever really thinks about a Rampardos' tail. All their attention is focused on their big old heads. Clobberin' Time, however, realized one day how strong, stiff, and hard that stubby tail of his was. He tried it out on some Geodudes, and it was an extremely useful weapon. He uses it in battles nowadays, like so: he runs at an opponent, like he's going to charge. However, instead of hitting the foe with his head, he pivots hard and whacks his opponent with his tail, using that stiff tail and all the momentum he's gathered. Most of the time he can land devastating hits like this with impunity, but there are certain hard-bodied Pokemon that can injure him if he hits them.
Type: Fighting
Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 80
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 0
Effects: Does 25% of damage dealt in recoil if Clobberin' Time uses the move on a Rock Type, or a Pokemon with the Abilities Rough Skin, Light Metal, Rock Head, or Sturdy. Does 50% recoil damage if the target is Steel Type, or has the Abilities Heavy Metal or Battle Armor.
Usage Gap: Five rounds.

[Alnara] Lucario (F)
Ability: Inner Focus
Signature Move:
Sharpen Strength
Description: Alnara has a strong heart. She is bold and she knows how to face up to her fears. She is a courageous warrior, and her bravery can help her out at times. Whenever she is in trouble (below 50% health) she can utter a prayer to Arceus to increase the attribute she values most: her strength. When Arceus hears her, she gains +2 on both of her attack stats, as well as her Speed. However, Arceus, being fair, also decreases her defenses by 1 point. Once Alnara uses this move, her stats are cemented for the duration of the battle, and they cannot be negated (ie Haze) or changed (ie Swords Dance, Growl). Opponents also cannot copy these changes with Snatch, Psych Up, etc. She can only do this once per battle.
Type: Fighting
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: ERM.
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 11
Effects: Raises Alnara's ATK, SATK, and SPD by two points apiece and lowers DEF and SDEF by two points apiece. Cements Alnara's stats where they stand for the duration of the battle. Move fails if Alnara is above 50% HP.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.
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