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Challenge over VM

(1) Single Battle, 1 Pokémon each.
(2) DQ: Two Days
(3) Damage Caps: None!
(4) Restrictions: - No direct recovery moves. - No OHKOs. This includes Perish Song and Destiny Bond. - Three Chills.
(5) Arena: Ye Ol' Normal Arena. A 100x100 arena that is normal,no surprises or side effects,it's a bit old though,so a lot of dust and rocks have accumulated,so Ground and Rock type attacks receive a x1.2 boost
(6) Ref Style: Open

Let's start

[Sketchy] Smeargle {M}
Ability: Techinician
Signature Move:

Signature Move: Ink Refill
Description: Every Smeargle was born with a specific ink in its body,that is formed by special pigments in their bodies, and that gives color to their paw prints on their back,and to their brush-shaped tails, Sketchy however was born with too many pigments,each one with their different colors.Due to overload of pigments it can randomly change its type.
Sketchy tries to sketch a "color change" as he had seen is father(a Kecleon) do,but he can't do it properly and thus can't choose his color,his color change however is more stable with no chance of changing during battle.
When doing so,his body starts to grow paler and paler,after becoming completely pale, he focus and can bring some pigments to his skin.
If you want,just a list of colors per types are in the RNG List
Type: Normal
Base Power: --
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10
Impact: User(if asking who this attack hits)
Priority: +2
Effects: On Smeargle, Ref will RNG an number from 1-16, depending on the number Smeargle's type will change to :
1 - Fire (Red)
2 - Fighting (Orange)
3 - Water (Indigo)
4 - Flying (White)
5 - Grass (Dark Green)
6 - Poison (Dark Purple)
7 - Electric (Yellow - Golden)
8 - Ground (Brown - Pale-ish)
9 - Psychic (Pink)
10 - Rock (Maroon)
11 - Ice (Teal)
12 - Bug (Olive)
13 - Dragon (Purplish Blue / Very Dark Blue)
14 - Ghost (Light Purple)
15 - Dark (Black)
16 - Steel (Gray - Silver)

(Immunities and type resistance/effects of Smeargle will be the ones of new type)

Usage Gap: Once per battle


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