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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Ability: Keen Eye
Signature Move: Ra's Light
Description: As a Pidgeot, Jet has an affinity to the sun and sky. He feels particularly connected with the sun god, Ra, especially as he was created in his image. The god has chosen to favor this particular subject for reasons Jet can only guess at. Whatever the reason, if Jet prays to him in battle by preforming a simple ritual dance, Ra will grant him the power of the sun. As Ra works, the sun burns brighter, as does Jet. He is lifted into the air and begins to glow a golden light. After a moment this stops, though he is still noticeably golder. Now, he is imbued with the power of Ra, able to use fire attacks he could not before. However, Ra is not always willing to help, and there is a chance this will not work.
| - BP | 60-80% ACC | | Impact: User | Priority: 0 | 4-22% NRG
Effects: 60% chance to work under normal conditions. If Sunny Day is already in effect 10% is added. Ra is more likely to help Jet if he really needs it. If his HP and NRG added equal less than that of his opponent add 5% (In double battles the HP and NRG of the healthiest opponent.) If both his HP and NRG are beneath 50% add another 5%.
The ritual dance costs 4% NRG. If it fails no more is taken. However, having this power in him wears him out. Each action this is continued, another 3% NRG is used in addition to any moves.
This move will stop after 6 actions, but even at the risk of loosing all his NRG, cannot be stopped before that.
Sunny Day is in effect until this wears off. It cannot be stopped by moves or abilities, but ends automatically as soon as this effect wears off. Jet is changed to a Fire/Flying type. He gain +2 SP ATK, but -2 ATK. With the sun's energy coursing through him, he is hot to the touch. +1% damage is added to physical attacks (Those weak to fire receive +2%, those strong, +0%)
He gains the ability to use: Fire Spin, Ember, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Fire Blast, Overheat, Eruption, and Blast Burn, in addition to Heat Wave and Sunny Day.
Usage Gap: Once Per Battle if Successful; 3 Rounds if Failed


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