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Default Re: Challenger [Fedora/Paperfairy] vs. Femme Fatales/Muscle Men Leader [Sabi/WK] (Vel

It was to be the battle of the century: the dedicated leaders of the Femme Fatales and the Muscle Men Gym, and the great Fairy of the Papers and the intimidating Lord of the Fedoras. In this split-color stadium, the two dynamic duos were about to throw down. And I lucky enough to referee them.

It was the male leader of the Gym, White Knight, who chose his battler first - El Corte, an elegant Gallade with sharp arm-blades and intense pink eyes. The Paper-Fairy was next, selecting a Skarmory with a sharp cry and sharp talons. Saraibre Ryu, the one who brought a bit of femininity to the table, chose a largely-built Nidoqueen with sharp horns and claws. Last was the Fedora-Lord, who sent out a hulking Rhyperior with a sharp drill on his glaring, craggy face. I smiled. This was definitely going to be a great hoedown.

Or hootenanny.

Or hullabaloo.

Or shindig...

Lord Fedora l paperfairy
[-] Rhyperior (M) l [Dagger] Skarmory (F)
Ability: Lightningrod l Ability: Sturdy
Health: 100% l Health: 100%
Energy: 100% l Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to kick butt. l Status: Shrieking like a banshee!
Protect @Dagger ~ Counter l Spikes ~ Spikes

Saraibre Ryu l White Knight
[Demia] Nidoqueen (F) l [El Corte] Gallade (M)
Ability: Poison Point l Ability: Steadfast
Health: 100% l Health: 100%
Energy: 100% l Energy: 100%
Status: Sneering at the competition. l Status: In the zen-zone.
Taunt @Dagger ~ Icy Wind l Bulk Up ~ Brick Break @Rhyperior

Round One

As the battle began, the spectators began to cheer loudly for their favorites. The men of the crowd seemed to be a great deal louder, encouraging the male Pokemon to be more ferocious in the blows they dealt.
[Males +1 ATK]

El Corte closed his eyes, feeling energy pulsing through his body with the thrum of his heartbeat. Crossing his arms, he focused on this energy, letting it swell and magnify and fill him with strength and endurance. A faint red aura formed around the Gallade, flickering like flames. El Corte smiled as he felt the power fill him. He released it and let the aura fade.
[Bulk Up: El Corte, -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 DEF]

Demia looked at Dagger. Demia was by nature a very haughty Pokemon; it was easy for her to be derisive in the general directions of other Pokemon. She lifted her hand and pointed a finger at Dagger, laughing at her and insulting her with everything down to her facial expression.
[Taunt (FAILED): Demia, -6% Energy]

However, Rhyperior was more than ready to stop this problem before it began. He leaped in front of Dagger, a blue-and-green shield forming around him. The shield protected Dagger from seeing Demia and from the anger that Demia was trying to put in the Skarmory's heart. As the shield faded, Lord Fedora smiled at his ruse, while Demia and Saraibre Ryu grimaced in annoyance.
[Protect: Rhyperior, -8% Energy]

Dagger smiled. She was free to do as she pleased, and she would be pleased to mess the heck with her opponents. She flapped her wings, lifting herself above the arena. She continued to flap, scattering solid flakes of incredibly sharp steel behind her opponents' feet. She knew that the steel spines wouldn't restrict her current foes, but a hapless replacement for one of them would step straight onto the spikes.
[Spikes: Dagger, -2% Energy]

El Corte couldn't care much less about all the spikes. He cared about testing his new strength - on Rhyperior. El Corte rushed forward, drawing back his right fist, which glowed with white energy. El Corte didn't notice the faint, hazy red aura around Rhyperior as he leaped into the air, coming down fast and bringing a luminescent fist down on Rhyperior's hard head, causing the rocklike beast to bellow in pain. El Corte smirked, not knowing that the last laugh was not destined to be his.
[Brick Break: Rhyperior, -12% HP; El Corte, -5% Energy]

Now it was Demia's turn to strike, and she wasn't about to fail again, not like she had failed before. She drew in a deep breath, thinking about all the cold things she could think of: ice (cream), glaciers, minty gum, Froslasses, her ex-boyfriend, mountain peaks... She opened her jaws and let out a huge breath that would have made the Big Bad Houndoom jealous. This breath was bitterly cold, sticking ice crystals to everything it touched. Rhyperior and Dagger huddled against the wind, shuddering as the bitter cold bit into them who were so easily harmed by it. Their joints were affected by the stinging wind as well - both of them suddenly felt a good deal stiffer than before.
[Icy Wind: Rhyperior, -6% HP, -1 SPD; Dagger, -8% HP, -1 SPD; Demia, -5% Energy]

Dagger was none too pleased but none too phased. She began to flap her wings again, scattering yet more spikes that threaded into the frost-tipped grasses, making the ground give off a glitter that was likely excruciatingly painful but was also as beautiful as an Arceusmas tree.
[Spikes: Dagger, -2% Energy]

Rhyperior had not forgotten El Corte's assault and now he was going to revenge it, and revenge it soundly. The faint red aura around Rhyperior transferred to a glowing red haze around his great fists. He lunged, rushing across the battlefield, and slamming both fists into El Corte's slim chest. The Gallade let out a cry of pain, flying backwards and landing on his back in the grass. However, he soon shook himself and staggered to his feet. The battle was not over yet, for El Corte or for anyone.
[Counter: Rhyperior, -8% Energy; El Corte, -24% HP]

Lord Fedora l paperfairy
[-] Rhyperior (M) l [Dagger] Skarmory (F)
Ability: Lightningrod l Ability: Sturdy
Health: 82% l Health: 92%
Energy: 84% l Energy: 96%
Status: Smirking happily. [-1 SPD] l Status: That went well! [-1 SPD]

Saraibre Ryu l White Knight
[Demia] Nidoqueen (F) l [El Corte] Gallade (M)
Ability: Poison Point l Ability: Steadfast
Health: 100% l Health: 76%
Energy: 89% l Energy: 91%
Status: More pleased than miffed. l Status: Significantly less zen-like. [+1 ATK, +1 DEF]

Ref Notes
Brick Break's Crit Roll was 77; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Icy Wind's Accuracy Rolls were 42 and 10; 1-95 for hit.
Icy Wind's Crit Rolls were 84 and 23; 1-6.5 for Crit.
The word thrice is in the Compendium. <3
Apologize for the wait, DX

Field Notes
The grass is frosty.
2x Spikes is in effect.

Lord Fedora l paperfairy
[-] Rhyperior (M) + ??? l [Dagger] Skarmory (F) + ???
82%, 84% + ???, ??? l 92%, 96% + ???, ???

Saraibre Ryu l White Knight
[Demia] Nidoqueen (F) + ??? l [El Corte] Gallade (M) + ???
100%, 89% + ???, ??? l 76%, 91% + ???, ???

Lord Fedora, please send your moves. You will be followed up by White Knight who will be followed by paperfairy who will be followed by Saraibre Ryu.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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