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Default Re: Agent Shih-Na vs. Moonkit


[Sir Meme] Mudkip(M)
Health: 48%
Energy: 38%
Status: Where did that rest go?
Double Team ~ Protect

Agent Shih-nah

[Igiari] Snivy (M)
Health: 57%
Energy: 55%
Status: Feeling great. [+1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 ACC]
Leaf Blade/Coil ~ Leaf Blade/Coil

Round Three

Igiari smiled, lifting his tail. The leaves on the tip began to glow a bright green, and Igiari ran forward with that tail ready to strike. He leaped into the air, spinning as he did so, causing his tail-leaves to slash across Sir Meme's face. Sir Meme yelped as, yet again, a great gash was left on his face. His whole body was covered in gashes, and he was getting very, very sick of this Snivy's unhealthy obsession with Leaf Blade.
[Leaf Blade: Sir Meme, -19% HP; Igiari, -13% Energy]

Sir Meme knew a way to put some sort of a stop to this ridiculous Leaf Blade Combeeswax. He began to run around in a circle, speeding up and speeding up, his little stubby legs carrying him so fast that his shape seemed to blur. When Sir Meme stopped suddenly, Igiari was unpleasantly surprised - there were now three cut-up yet grinning Mudkips staring back at him!
[Double Team: Sir Meme, -6% Energy]

Sir Meme was not done laying on the protection. He closed his eyes in focus, and within a couple of short seconds, a blue-green barrier flickered into existence around Sir Meme and his clones. The Mudkip grinned his derpiest grin, daring Igiari to hit him with his best freaking Leaf Blade-like shot.
[Protect: Sir Meme, -8% Energy]

Igiari was less than impressed. Rather than bother trying to hit Sir Meme through his impenetrable barrier, she simply began to coil up again, focusing her mind as well as all of the energy in her little body. The action was working wonders for her: her blood was flowing and with it lots of energy and strength, and her mind felt clear and sharp. She held the curled-up position for a moment longer, before rising up again with the usual smug smile of a Snivy on her face, ready to deal with Sir Meme and his stupid clones.
[Coil: Igiari, -6% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 ACC]


[Sir Meme] Mudkip(M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 31%
Energy: 24%
Status: Getting drained, and quite annoyed. [2 Clones]

Agent Shih-nah

[Igiari] Snivy (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 57%
Energy: 36%
Status: Smug as ever. [+2 ATK, +2 DEF, +2 ACC]

Ref Notes
Leaf Blade's Crit Roll was 41; 1-12.5 for Crit.
Arena Effect Roll was 37; 1-20 for Effect.
This was such a quickie but I'm really just trying to do some clean-up as of right now. XD

Moonkit, your moves please.
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