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Default Re: Challenger [White Knight] vs -Velocity and Mass- Gym Leader [Velocity]

Chamber 101 was deadly quiet, just as it had been for the past several years. Even before the current Gym Proctor took over Aperture Labs the scientists who worked here had avoided the chamber as much as possible. Then, when the labs were closed temporarily, the chamber was one of the few sealed off to prevent adventure-seekers from breaking in. Even when Velocity took control of the complex the room had remained untouched...

But now the peace was about to be shattered – a battle was about to take place.

White Knight moved slowly through the corridor which would bring him to the designated site for the Gym Battle. The walls of the corridor quickly opened out into a large room, which was walled with white tiles. Across the room stood his opponent – Velocity, the Gym Proctor. The two friends nodded to each other, but then it was down to business – neither was going to let their friendship get in the way of the battle.

The Proctor was the first to move, sending out a ferocious dragon and a flaming tiger. The dragon, who was called Bohmander, took off from the ground, using his powerful wings to keep himself in the air. Meanwhile, the tiger, named Velo, did a few stretches to prepare for the battle. The Challenger went next, releasing a sand shark and a woolly mammoth. Fluffy, the poorly named Garchomp, roared, the noise filling the chamber with echoes. To his left, his partner pawed the ground, as if getting ready to charge.

Once the sound of Fluffy’s roar tailed off, Bohmander and Velo also roared. Their opponents were fairly rattled by this and both felt weakened by the experience. The two trainers and the four pokémon exchanged looks - it was time to begin.

Round One

Leader Velocity

[Bohmander] Salamence (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Fairly confident
Moves: Draco Meteor ~ Dragon Dance

[Velo] Arcanine (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Prepared for the off
Moves: Protect ~ Agility

Challenger White Knight

[Fluffy] Garchomp (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Wanting to begin; -2 Attack
Moves: Dual Chop/Swords Dance ~ Dragon Tail/Swords Dance/Aqua Tail

[Wooly] Mamoswine (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Can’t wait to start; -2 Attack
Moves: Rock Slide/Double Team ~ Bulldoze/Double Team

Although she wanted nothing more than to jump in and start smashing heads, Velo had been told that she needed to take a more defensive course of action. She stood in front of Bohmander, who hovered a little lower so that she could defend the both of them. A curved wall of energy formed in front of them, shimmering light green light. The Arcanine wasn’t able to create a full dome around the two of them but she hoped that a frontal shield would be enough to stop any attacks that came their way.

Fortunately, just the presence of a shield made Fluffy seem to abandon any hopes of attacking for the moment. Instead, he began to do a strange dance, which was designed to increase the strength of his muscles. He lunged and parried against invisible enemies, feeling the blood and adrenaline surge through his body. By the time he finished his dance he didn’t feel anywhere near as frightened of his opponent’s as he had done and was now prepared to fight them as soon as he got the chance.

But before he was able to, Bohmander had to have his turn. Draconic energy began to swirl around the monster’s head as he prepared a ball of glowing energy in his mouth. However, just as the ball was growing to a decent size, the turret looked down from its lofty perch and, staring straight at him, muttered “I see you” as creepily as was humanly (or inhumanly) possible. The dragon faltered, allowing the energy to dissipate into the air and leaving him without an attack. He growled angrily, knowing full well that he didn’t have the time to make another one now.

Wooly was also discouraged from attacking by his opponents’ shield. However, rather than boosting his offensive powers, he was going to make it harder for his foes to attack him. He began to move from side to side, leaving an afterimage of himself each time he moved. As he repeated the movement, the copies became more solid and looked more like the real Wooly. Eventually, three copies of the original Mamoswine stood in the chamber, ready to cause as much confusion as possible for the Gym Proctor’s pokémon.

And now it was Bohmander’s turn once again. Rather than trying to attack directly again, he decided to take a similar strategy to that of his opponents. After quickly checking the turret to make sure that it wasn’t going to play any more tricks, he began to work himself into a draconic rage. He rose up from his place behind Velo, who was in the process of taking down her shield, and began to writhe and thrash in midair while purple energy wrapped itself around his body. His muscles swelled, allowing the dragon to move faster and hit harder than before. He settled down to hover beside Velo; he knew that he was prepared for next time now.

However, Velo wasn’t going to stay still. As soon as Bohmander came to a rest, she set off running circles around her opponents, who could only watch her. As she ran, she strengthened her legs, which in turn allowed her to run faster. Once she’d done several laps of the chamber, she returned to her place and braced herself for whatever was about to come.

Wooly had had enough of these two boosting themselves up. It was time to deal some damage, in his opinion. The mammoth, as well as his clones, slammed his foot into the tiled floor, making the ground shake. Velo staggered and fell as the earth shifted as was planned, but things didn’t quite go as well as expected. Fluffy was also caught up in the attack and was forced to clutch a nearby desk for support. Both the Garchomp and the Arcanine had their legs damaged by the attack but neither seemed to mind it that much. Wooly gave an apologetic smile to her partner, who grunted before launching into his own move.

While the rest of the combatants had been taking their moves, Fluffy had been taking the time to prepare his own. Green energy was swirling around his tail as he moved slowly forwards, trying to judge the distance between himself and his target. Once he thought that he was ready, he dashed forwards and swung his tail for Bohmander’s head. Unfortunately, the winged dragon was too quick for his land-bound counterpart and managed to duck under the charged tail and flip Fluffy over with his horns. The Garchomp growled and hurried back to his side of the room. Quiet half-descended once again, stopped only by a radio playing the song “Exile Vilify”. The four pokémon and their trainers watched each other, waiting for the next round.

Leader Velocity

[Bohmander] Salamence (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Not too disappointed; +1 Attack, +1 Speed

[Velo] Arcanine (F)
HP: 95%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Ready for the next round; +1 Speed

Challenger White Knight

[Fluffy] Garchomp (M)

HP: 96%
Energy: 93%
Condition: A little disheartened; -1 Speed

[Wooly] Mamoswine (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Just getting started; -2 Attack; 3 Clones

Protect- (Arcanine -6% Energy)
Swords Dance- (Garchomp -3% Energy, +2 Attack)
Draco Meteor- (Salamence flinches)
Double Team- (Mamoswine -9% Energy, +3 Clones)
Dragon Dance- (Salamence -4% Energy, +1 Attack, +1 Speed)
Agility- (Arcanine -3% Energy, +2 Speed)
Bulldoze- (Mamoswine -4% Energy; Arcanine -5% HP, -1 Speed; Garchomp -4% HP, -1 Speed)
Dragon Tail- (Rolled 91/100, 90 or less to hit; Garchomp -4% Energy)
Bulldoze affects all pokémon adjacent to the user.
In my opinion, flying up would cost an action.
I was really looking forward to reffing Draco Meteor...

Arena Notes
Garchomp- (No effect)
Mamoswine- (No effect)
Salamence- (Rolled 15/40, flinches)
No further rolls were made.

Team Notes
6 pokémon remaining
White Knight
6 pokémon remaining

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