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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: -14/15-

i've gotten better at predicting... thanx tourney..
So ******* french or german fat mountain trainerhiker quits on me after i TKO- his Haxorous & Cabalion...
Dont be such sore losers

on another note here a battle vid of my 150th battle Enjoy.
#66-52221-66076 pretty tight battle if you ask me.
as of right now im done with the tourney way too many DC from people who cant take a butt whooping like a real person..
I would have a way higher score and wins. I hope the WiFI server can tell which battles were valid wins and what not.
anyway im on my way to Queen Mary's Halloween haunt later this evening. i got to get some hash for tonite..
asta la vista B-Words!

Pokérus Empire

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