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Cool 4th gen tournament!!!

the time set is SATURDAY NOV. 12 2011 12:00 PM PACIFIC time (alaska)
and end when the last winner is announced (champion gets a event celebi (zorua compatible) )
this tourney will be conducted on WIFI

plz reply to this post with ur FC for 4th gen, as soon as i get a sizable team on White ill make a tournament for that gen :)

the following rules apply:
no berries

evasion clause (DT, lax incense, smokescreen etc are not allowed)

no ubers or legendaries (jirachi, celebi, latias, regis, 3 dogs, 3 birds, heatran cresselia are not allowed even thought they are not on the ubers list)

battles will be conducted at either LV 50 (OR) LV100

we will need 32 players you will be in a order generated by me

BTW: i am a player

plz enjoy your your battles!!!!
plat: ninjask weavile lucario arcanine milotic alakazam
white: victini, terrakion, gengar, milotic, jirachi, hydreigon

Platinum: 2924-1403-4459
White: 4599-2520-0472

Cell: (907) 401-0793 hit me up and lets battle (include name, friend code and reason ur texting) i get a lot of random texts

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