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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Name: Norland Black

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Alignment: Light

Rank: Seeker

Appearance: Black skin, white hair, reddish eyes. He tends to wear modern-ish clothing, which is how his world's people dressed. He wears a black jacket, red shirt, and grey pants. His jacket has a hood.

Personality: He's kind(despite his combat tendencies) and likes to help. However, he despises betrayal and has sworn to kill anyone who has betrayed the order. He can be somewhat arrogant at times. His fighting style varies. Against friends(as practice) it's more playful. Against enemies... he's flat out BRUTAL. His favorite move against a Heartless is to get the saw on his Keyblade spinning really, REALLY fast then shove it down on its head. Thankfully, he's never done it to a living being.

History: Norland came from a distant world, not close to any other. He was raised by his father and taught in swordsmanship for most of his life. Eventually, he got so good that he once defeated all of his friends in a fight with only wooden swords. However, that would not prepare him at all for what was to come. At ten years of age, he had an odd dream where a mysterious black hooded figure gave him a scythe-like blade. When he awoke, he found he was holding a keychain that had a scythe at the end. He decided to go out for awhile to figure out what it was.

About a mile into a nearby forest, he was attacked by a group of Shadows. They swarmed him, almost killing him. At the last second, there was a bright flash. When it went away, one of the shadows was impaled on the same weapon he had seen in his dream. Using his skill with a blade, he wiped out the rest. He returned home to find it was gone. Suddenly, the ground shook violently. The sky went dark, and he could hear unearthly screams. Then, everything went black.

Fortunately, the Keyblade Wielders had already sent someone to get him off his dieing world. He was nursed back to health and informed of the Keyblade Wielders, their purpose, and what had happened to his home. He was handed over to the teaches and quickly rose from the rank of recruit, to Apprentice, to Seeker. He has devoted his life to defending the worlds so that noone else would have to suffer the loss he had felt.

Keyblade:Reaper's Edge
Abilities: Decent reach, excellent power, and a bronze saw that allows some pretty, um, creative ways to kill enemies. Can also transform Shadows(the weakest type of Heartless) into dark energy that can then fuel dark magic spells. He also owns an emergency Keychain that he only uses when he loses Reaper's Edge, which thankfully has never happened.
Reaper's Edge

Ignore the fact it's made of Bionicle pieces. XD
Link to Total Eclipse, his emergency Keychain:
Description of Total Eclipse

Other: He. Hates. Heartless. End of story.
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