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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: -14/15-

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
So im talking to my gf and she's telling me last night when she went to pick up our copy of Battlefield III at midnight. she was getting into the car..
ok let me set this up for you real good 1st.
our local gamestopis at a strip mall to there must have been a line outside and she must have been parked facing the line of people at GS.

So she goes on to say she was getting onti the ride and she seen a young dude (say 12 or 13) about to open up his game when some gamester thug approaches the dude giving him props and what not then the thug snatched the game and peels out running the opposite direction..
my GF says she felt bad and it must have sucked buying a brand new game and getting it jacked outside...
that's jacked up, i'd have to tune someone up if that happens to me when COD comes out