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Default Re: Pokemon Pirates Ages SU

Hey this is like your Pokemon Piece RP. That was great.

Pokemon: Zoroak
Species: Zoroak
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Description: He has an eye patch on his right eye. His hair is tattooed to look like a skull.
Personality: He likes to steal from starting pirates and and wrecks the ships. They salvage anything of intrest. He is ruthless ferious and visous. He demands respect from other pirates and is feared for most pirate's end.
History: Before he was a pirate he worked on an island. He was treated badly and when he ran out of food and money he borrowed some from a rich pokemon. Zoroak couldn't pay him back so he ran. He found a boat and an eye patch. He bacame a pirate to pay off the rich pokemon. He hired a crew and he stole all the rich pokemon's money and left a note. It said "Thanks for the gold Oh and forget about the money I owe you. From Zoroak. He started to grow more cruel and the greed of each new treasure made him more wicked. When he heard of Mewtwo's treasure he set sail and said "No-one will get in my way."
Pirate Logo: A black skull with red eyes.
Crew: Zoroark, Chandelure, Weavile and Carracosta
Other Pokemon Description: Chandelure- Chandelure was poor until she met Zoroak who joined him on ship. Her fire and psychic abilities are able to obliterate ships. Weavile- Weaile is Zoroak's first mate and he joined when Weavile challenge Zoroak to a battle and lost. His ice breath can freeze a ship in its place. Carracosta- Carracosta joined when he stealing treasure from the ocean floor. Zoroak discovered him and got him a deal. Carracosta gets a quarter of the treasure he finds or he'll be Sharpedo food. Carracost and crush ships.
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