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Default Re: Activity Here and Pokemon Online server

Originally Posted by Raizo View Post
Honestly, the structure of the battling board is really bad here on Pe2k. Obviously, we don't want to be Smogon, but we should still use their best attributes and edit them to fit our needs. For example, the wording of each forum and descriptions don't really fit as to what is actually taking place at each respective forum. Basically, in order for improvement to be made, the structure needs to be fixed first.

Additionally, tournaments and clans need to be formed. Again, it starts with the leadership taking the initiative. Moderators can't just expect members to take the reigns and start tournaments. Likewise, members can't just expect moderators to make every tournament that happens to come up. It's really a combined effort.

I have a lot of ideas, as I've been a moderator at multiple well known competitive battling forums; it's just a matter of completing each stage one by one, with the community as a whole coming together.
well your coming to pe2k at a good time, were currently about to tranistion into a more active battling center. If you plan on staying around for awhile, id like to here your suggestions through pm.

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