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Default Re: Eishiba V.S. Murgle-Flag 2


[Starla] Swampert (F)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 98%
Energy: 78%
Status: Iím gonna dry up -______-
Brick Break ~ Secret Power


[Ding Ding] Bronzong (X)
Ability: Levitate
Health: 92%
Energy: 77%
Status: Itís so sunny~
Calm Mind/Protect ~ Sunny Day

Round Three

Ding Ding glared that glare of longing at his opponent, the glare of Pokemon with poorly-layered high-priority conditionals. He knew he could either attack or defend, but if he attacked he would be unable to defend if the need arose... He was so confused that he completely allowed Starla to get the drop on him.
[Protect (Failed): Ding Ding, -4% Energy]

Starla's orders were perfectly clear. With one hand glowing, she ran at Ding Ding, ready to smash and destroy. She lifted her glowing hand and brought it down on Ding Ding in a hard, violent karate chop that made the great bell let out a warbling bellow of rage. A small dent was left in his hard metal surface.
[Brick Break: Starla, -7% Energy; Ding Ding, -8% hP]

Starla wasn't ready to let up on her opponent, either. She closed her eyes and lifted her hands, her whole body glowing a bright pink. The pink aura shot out in a large, spherical wave at her opponent. However, Ding Ding was rather unfazed. He was used to standing up to attacks that were rather mundane. Starla looked at her indifferent foe with disappointment.
[Secret Power: Starla, -7% Energy; Ding Ding, -6% HP]

Ding Ding wanted to make sure his opponent was staying quite dry. He lifted his hands, forming a sphere of orange energy there. He threw the orb at the clouds, where it had astonishingly little effect on the already glaring sun and the clouds gathering around it. Ding Ding floated lower in disappointment - he had moved too early and wasted his chance, and now the clouds were closing in again.
[Sunny Say: Ding Ding, -7% Energy]


[Starla] Swampert (F)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 98%
Energy: 64%
Status: Fairly pleased.


[Ding Ding] Bronzong (X)
Ability: Levitate
Health: 78%
Energy: 66%
Status: Kind of bummed out about this lame-o round.

Ref Notes
Positive-priority moves cannot be used as conditionals.
Brick Break's Crit Roll was 98; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Secret Power's Crit Roll was 49; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Secret Power's Effect Roll was 63; 1-30 for Effect.
Sunshine is still in effect; Sunny Day fails.

murgle-flag, your moves please.
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