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Default Challenger [White Knight] vs. Shocking! Gym Leader [Dino] -- Dino wins by DQ.

Gym Title:
Description of Gym Theme:
Pokemon that can learn electric moves through level-up or breeding that are not of the electric type.
6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme and Wildcards:

Ariados – Houndoom – Octillery – Gliscor – Exploud - Metagross Venomoth -Eelektross
*Red means wildcards
How many Pokémon per side?
Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions?
40 Damage Cap, No OHKO moves
What is the Gym Arena?
The gym is a large room with its floor covered in black tiles that are about 2 square feet. The walls and ceiling are covered with tiles the same size as the floor's, but are grey, and they let off a dull light like a computer screen. The gym leader is the purple team and the challenger is the green team. Every time a pokemon steps on a tile, it glows its teams color until it leaves the space when it turn back to black. But if a pokemon from the opposite team steps on that tile, it can cause something to happen to that pokemon. The room also is not stabilized. By some odd magnetization the cube-room floats freely inside of the building it is contained. So that means, if a pokemon slammed against the left side, or if too much weight is put on the left side, the whole room will start to tip to the left; the room could potentially roll all the way over. In this same way the room could roll or even flip however it wanted, if a trainer so happened to want their pokemon to flip the room.

Command: Sometime along the lines of this. It has to make sense though. A Jumpluff won't be flipping the room using its weight.
A pokemon must be 50 lbs. heavier than its opponent in order to flip the stadium. This can be overridden in any way if some creativity, which is logical (like a certain attack), is used.
Energy for a room flip is chosen by the ref.
Aggron, jump up into the air, then land hard to try and flip the arena upside down to mess up his aim, then attack with earthquake.
Room Flip ~ Earthquake

At the end of every round a number is rolled for the pokemon on both sides.
Rounds 1-7: 20% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.
Rounds 8-12: 35% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.
Rounds 13+ : 50% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.

If they do step on a tile roll out of 100 to find.
1-30: The pokemon suffers from the effects of fog for the next round.
31-70: The pokemon receives poison damage for this round only. (-3 HP)
71-85: The pokemon is given an electric shock. (Electric, 40 BP, Special | Acts like a Thundershock from a pokemon with 3 SpAtk except with no Criticals, no Paralysis, and it always hits.)
86-95: Flash is used at the beginning of the next round. (effects both pokemon)
95-100: The pokemon is healed by 10% Health.

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym?
The Leader will now select his Pokemon.
The challenger will then select her first Pokemon and her action commands.
The Leader will then select his action commands.
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