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Default Re: Shiny Pokemon

I also have Platinum. I used the Poke Radar and caught several legit shinnies that way.

My nephew had better luck than I do. He finds them in the wild. He doesn't care about them, so he gives them to me. I have three that were formerly his.

It takes time and patience. I have next-to-no luck catching shinnies ordinarily so feel really fortunate to have a Poke Radar. I wish they had one in Black and White.

Hearing of people's success makes me want to play Platinum again and start shiny hunting.

Regrettably there are no legitimate short cuts to catching shinnies. I'm sorry. I wish you success in your efforts. Take care.

On a another note, let us know if you catch any with the Poke Radar and we'll cheer you on, okay. Take care.
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