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I was comparing stats using the Compendium trying to find a decent grass type(which I still can't make up my mind.) I was comparing Venusaur to Meganium and the stats don't match. In the veekun, almost every stat is the same, except for their defense and sp attack. Venusaur's defense and sp attack is in order: 83 and 100. Meganium is the exact opposite of 100 and 83. Now in the Compendium if using the order atk def sp atk sp def, their numbers are as follows.
Venusaur 6 7 7 7
Meganium 6 7 6 7

Now unless there was a different range of numbers used in each stat, I'd say Venusaur's defense stat should be a 6 because Meganium sp attack is a 6 since both stats are at 83.
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