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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

*bounces in* Here, Char. You can have the monocle and such. I'm done with them.

Name: Freya

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Alignment: Light

Rank: Master

Appearance: (Will probably pull up some picture later, but for now I will use a description.)

Freya is tall and athletic looking. Though not fat, she's definitely not a flimsy little thing- she's actually quite muscular for a woman and is rather broad shouldered. She has reddish-auburn colored hair. Her skin is tanned and she has a few freckles and some scars, though most are fairly minute. Freya has long-fingered hands with sharp fingernails, and her teeth are sharp and more suited for for a carnivore. Her eyes are brown and the pupils seem more catlike than most, and become even more so when she is angry. Her most noticeable characteristic, though, is probably her long tail. It is reptilian, with brown scales. Mostly it's a medium brown, with darker brown stripes on top and a lighter brown on the bottom.

Freya tends to dress plainly- she wears tan pants, and a white tunic with a brown belt at the waist. She also wears functional brown boot, light armor on her torso (which is white and embellished with gold color) with chainmail underneath her tunic and brown fingerless gloves that go up to her elbow.
Personality: The first thing you should know about Freya is that she is determined. The second thing you should know is that that is probably the understatement of the century. She's well known for fighting with injuries that could bring down monsters several times her size- and winning. She's loyal, noble, stubborn as a mule and with a sense of self preservation measuring in at about zero. She's short tempered and is easily irritated- most find her unapproachable and hard to work with, thus she tends to work by herself. Freya doesn't mind this- she's a loner by nature, though not because she's shy. She has a bad tendency to think herself better than most everyone- mostly in fighting capabilities. Also, while Freya isn't stupid, she's not smart either. She sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her, and does or says things she'll regret later (or someone will, anyway.) She's also very blunt, and she doesn't dance around truths or sugarcoat bad things. Despite her rough nature, she's a good person at heart, and if you befriend her, she will never betray you.

History: In Freya's world, there are many different species, most with some level of magic. There was one particular species known as Dragonkin, which while were not dragons, had many skills similar to dragons. They could all perform dragon magic, and some could breathe fire, have enhanced strength and speed, and- while this was rare- some even possessed wings and could fly. Freya is one of these creatures- a dragonkin.

Freya was a knight back at her home- or, at least, she was training to become one. Her family had all been knights (even women, yes), and she was determined to follow in their footsteps. Usually, this involved attempting feats above her level of skill and nearly getting herself killed. Repeatedly. Often in the same hour, if she didn't get caught. This generally resulted in repeated groundings, punishments and the like, though Freya usually snuck out and began training again. It was a decent, if somewhat unusual life.

However, when Freya turned fourteen, her father did something unforgivable. He betrayed their king.

The kingdom had been in a great war for many years, and they had been beginning to lose. Freya's father saw this, and decided it was time to switch sides. He let a group of soldiers in secretly, and they conquered the castle, thus ending the war. Freya's life began to crumble around her, and she suddenly realized she would never be able to serve her country, because it was gone. She escaped the castle, without a clue in the world to where she was heading. She only knew she had to go.

And then she got sick. Really sick. She ended up in a ditch beside the road. She passed out, and when she awoke, she was in Everlastia's infirmary. The Seeker who had found her explained that she had Awakened. Awakened to what? He explained to her the Keyblade and that she had it's power. He offered her training. Freya still wanted to be a warrior and knew she wouldn't have that opportunity back home, so she agreed.

Now Freya is a Master and presently a Seeker. She's loyal to the Keyblade Order above all else. She is ashamed she was not able to protect her kingdom, and views it as her greatest failure. Nothing will convince her otherwise. She is a powerful warrior, and you would be well advised to stay out of her way.

Wings of Flame is a powerful keyblade, though it's heavy and difficult to maneuver if you're not used to it. It enhances the power of fire magic, and when you swing it, fire arcs behind it.

Other: Freya has enhanced speed and strength. She can breath fire, but doesn't do it very often- it scalds her mouth, like if you ate something too hot. She's resistant to hot temperatures but doesn't handle cold very well. She is capable of using a sword and has rudimentary knowledge of a few other weapons.

There! Recruit on the way. Also an evil guy(muahaha), because we seem to have a shortage of them.

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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