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Default Re: Mizuki Emi vs Foxamivalth

It was a perfect day in the park: the sun was shining down, trainers were playing with their Pokemon, and the clear water in the pool was rippling and gleaming. I was enjoying the scenery - and I was about to enjoy a nice, lovely battle.

Mizuki Emi and Foxamivalth were about to face off. Fox chose his battler first: a large, blue sea turtle with a graceful, sinewy body and a serene smile. Mizuki Emi chose - strangely enough - a fluffy white insect that looked suspiciously like a certain flying bison in a certain show, in which children with odd powers save the world and angst a little. I was madly curious about Emi's choice, and I parked my keister in a park bench. This would be good.


[-] Lapras (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: This should be a quickie.
Whirlpool ~ Rain Dance

Mizuki Emi

Ability: Flame Body
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Wait, what the Giratina!?
Toxic/Calm Mind ~ Sunny Day

Round One

Lapras landed in the pool with a splash, turning quickly in the water to size up her opponent. In truth the bug was pitifully disadvantaged, and Lapras wasn't too keen on fighting someone so much weaker than herself. But she was less keen on disappointing her Trainer. She lifted her head, opening her jaws and spraying up water, forming a compact ball of H2O. With a swing of her neck she shot this ball at Larvesta. The little bug squealed in pain as the ball morphed into a ring that surrounded him, trapping him in a swirling wave that battered him incessantly.
[Whirlpool: Lapras, -2% Energy; Larvesta, -8% HP]

Larvesta was quite displeased at having to face such a strong opponent, but he refused to be beaten easily. He began to dredge up bilious c hemicals from his insides, throwing them together in a revolting toxic slurry. This slurry he sent flying at Lapras, who let out a yelp as the sickly green poison sank into her skin and then her veins. She shuddered as the toxins flooded her system.
[Toxic: Larvesta, -6% Energy]

Now Larvesta lifted his head to the sky. It was a sunny day, yes, but surely the sun could be doing more, working harder? The tips of the odd red prongs on his body glowed orange, forming spheres of heat energy on them. Larvesta shot the spheres at the sun, sending them shooting into the sky. The result was a subtle, local magnification of the sun's heat, which would make Lapras's annoying water moves less effective.
[Sunny Day: Larvesta, -7% Energy]

Lapras squinted up at the sun. It could be way cooler, couldn't it? She opened her mouth again, shooting up a small orb of pale blue energy. The orb burst in the sky, exploding and creating a whole motherload of clouds that immediately began pouring sheets, quilts, and duvet comforters of rain onto the battlers. Park-goers ran for cover, while Lapras smirked and Larvesta glared dourly at her. I whipped out my trusty umbrella.
[Rain Dance: Lapras, -7% Energy]


[-] Lapras (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 98%
Energy: 91%
Status: Wonderful weather we're having. [TOX]

Mizuki Emi

Ability: Flame Body
Health: 84%
Energy: 87%
Status: Wet. [Whirlpool]

Ref Notes
Whirlpool's Accuracy Roll was 29; 1-85 for hit.
Whirlpool's Crit Roll was 48; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 14; 1-90 for hit.
Whirlpool and the rain both end next round.

Foxamivalth, your moves please.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D