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Originally Posted by Eraizaa-kun View Post
Oh...I thought it was only 2 of your 3 bad. ^^; And it seems that the others were too focused on getting something done that they rushed over.

Well, I guess when there's war there's not much time to stop and see or listen.

Sorry about that. ^^;

*Warning: Random:* BTW, has anyone else noticed that typing "AnTITIvity" is sort of hard? I have to think twice about it each it. Saying Antivity with just one "TI" just feels more normal. Or is it supposed to be with one "TI"?... ... ...Hey, I put a warning sign. Not my fault if your brain breaks. *nods*
Anti + tivity [ffrom creativity] = hard to spell. Yes I made it that way >< Now purposely that was a fore...thingy. Maybe we'll shorten it if people think we should. XD

And yeah Veza is only really aware of two of Winter's Sona's and not Silverstreak...and she's overly focused. XD You knew that already ><

Veza will acknowledge them when she isn't in war machine mode...AKA back to first person.
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