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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
D: oh noes. That's all I can really say right now, that poor little teddiursa...and poor Dusty's tail, I keep hoping it's magically regrown or something every chapter, but it isn't :/ NOT THE TAIL! D:

...But anyway, awesome chapter, sad ending...this story has mood swings. It should go get some medication for that, because it's all happy, then sad. Then scary, then funny. Seriously, it needs to make up it's mind on what it is :<

...Did I just ramble? Nevermind, now now to end this...

Aw, hehe, yes, that's quite an appropriate response! XD Really? That's kinda funny. She's hoping it'll magically sprout as well, but life doesn't work that way. xD Come to think of it, I don't know if it'll actually end up growing back. (UGH I'M USING THE NYAN VERSION and it's becoming really hard to see/concentrate. XD AW GOSH, SO MANY NYAN CATS! ... ... ... Okay, I closed the tab. XD That was intense. You click on them, and then I think they double and come back! And then enlarge, so you can't see anything. xD How amusing. THANKS, MOONKIT. Anyway...

Thank you! 8D Ahahaha, yes, I totally agree. Well that's what keeps the readers entertained, right? :D There will be many more temperamental moments to come. >:3 Although it makes me happy to hear you say that! xD


Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Teddiursa? Teddi! Teddiursa, ursa, ursa! Teddi! Teddiursa!
Flare...flareon. Flareon, flare, flare! FLAAAAAAARE!

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Nice chapter! I didn't see anything wrong with it.

Very sad. You deserve a medal for tugging on the heart. You're almost as evil as I am!

...Almost. I would have had Wynore confront Dusty as well ;D

Now, I shall leave. I have Spanish to do as well as evil plotting for Sonic and friends...

Thank you! :D Ahahah, good?

Aw, well thanks. c: Which part made you sad? Shard's rant and flipping out? o: Hehehe, I think that's quite an achievement then! :D

XD I could have, but I wanted Dusty to escape before anyone else saw her. Plus, she was confronted by them both just last chapter. XD AND. I was running out of room. c: Wynore would do worse to Dusty than just threaten her, unlike Shard. D:

Ahahah, oh you! Well, I hope you have fun. c:

Thanks so much for reading, guys! 8D AND MIKE. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU ACTUALLY READ OR NOT LOL.

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