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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Book1, Chapter 1)

A ‘Chosen’ is a title given to six Pokémon at birth. Their goal is apparently simple: decide for themselves whether there are gods or not and propose it to Arceus. Then, Arceus would follow their decision and change, as well as the other ‘gods’. It’s sad…the fate of an entire world’s beliefs all lie with a bunch of teens, and I happen to be one of them…well, there’s not much I can do about it I guess…today I’ll take my leave, and figure who I should side with: my kin…the Wild Pokémon or those we hate, the City Pokémon. For now, I’m neutral…

Book 1: Celebi’s Meadow

Hidden within a forest lies one of two villages; this one surrounded by a vast river that wrapped around it, forming a natural barrier from attackers. A vast waterfall not far away, provided a strong current around it, as well as a beautiful mist that occasionally formed a rainbow when the sun was over the village. This particular village, like many in the country, held Pokémon of only a single type; this type was obvious, water Pokémon lived here only. The village had a few ways to enter: by swimming across the somewhat powerful river currents or simply crossing the bridge that was build. Its inhabitants were known to be very calm, yet very distrusting of Pokémon from the city as their intervention commonly meant harm to them in some way, or so they believed. This is one of the villages where a ‘Chosen’ exists…

In one of the homes within the village, the home of the ‘Chosen’, a small argument had started. “Neutral…neutral, are you serious, Aqua?!” A Floatzel protested the statement of her daughter.

A Buizel was working on creating a small pack made out of vines and other growth from the area; her mother’s protest making her slam the pack on a small wooden, poorly carved, table. “I’m very serious, mother…” The Buizel, Aqua, said with distaste.

“You were brought up knowing that the ‘City Pokémon’ are horrid…” Her mother growled. “…How can you simply choose to take a biased view, when they try to force their views on us?” She howled, stomping around their small home, Aqua watching her as she sat there.

“Because it’s better to take that kind of view…” Aqua sighed calmly. “I would gladly just say ‘gods don’t exist’ but I don’t think that’ll work well.” She stated. “It’s too risky…” She explained.

“Risky? How is it?!” Her mother questioned.

“It…just is.” Aqua replied in a childish tone.

“You don’t have a real reason…Aqua…” The Floatzel growled.

Aqua stood up and took the pack she’d made, and walked off. “I have my reasons for being neutral,” She looked back. “I’d rather study this world, than look down on what I don’t know.” The Buizel walked out, leaving her angered mother staring her down.

Aqua walked through her village, many water typed Pokémon walked and talked, their daily routines continued on. Many gave notice to her as she walked by, each time waving to her or greeting her in some way. Aqua replied with a smile and a wave or a nod but her attention was lost, her argument made her mood dark. “At least I finished this…” She grumbled fiddling with the pack she’d been making. She kept her attention on the pack, messing with a few finishing touches when she suddenly bumped into someone; she backed off and looked up uttering multiple apologies until she took notice to who it was. “O-oh…s-sorry…” She stammered out.

“It’s cool, Aqua…heheh…” A Floatzel chuckled scratching his head as he looked down to her. She looked to the Floatzel only to stare at the pack once more, nervously mumbling something about it. “Something wrong?” The Floatzel asked.

“No, nothing…” Aqua stammered and made her way past him. “I’m sorry for bumping into you…” She called with a nervous tone still. Now that she was away, her face was blush, she sighed nervously as she glanced back only to find the Floatzel still watching her go.

“Hold it, Aqua!” His voice made her jump; she did her best to hide her blushing and looked back out of the corner of her eye as the Floatzel ran over to her. “I have a question,” He said as he walked up to her.

“What is it…?” Aqua asked with another stumbling tone; she turned to face him.

“I wanted to know, you’re leaving soon, right?” The Floatzel asked.

“Y-yes, that’s right…what’s wrong?” The Floaztel looked towards the waterfall as if wondering something.

“Then, let’s have a talk, at the waterfall’s cave, later. How’s that sound?” Aqua once again started to blush, but she looked away before the Floatzel could notice.

“That’d be…nice, I guess.” She said with a bit more clarity. “After I get some supplies…” She said quickly running off.

“Alright then, Aqua, see you there!” The Floatzel waved as she left.


The outer rim of the village was equally as calm; thanks to the abundance of water, the plant life flourished. There were always things to collect in the area and Aqua was using its abundance to prepare for her travels, yet her mind was elsewhere. “Wade…” She blushed at the mere uttering of the Floatzel’s name. “I don’t get why he suddenly asked me to talk with him…” She nervously laughed. “That’s a…a first…” She blushed once more.

“Oh, crushes, they’re so great at that age.” This time Aqua was on guard, she quickly spun around, scanning the area until her eyes laid on a Whiscash in the river.

She sighed with what appeared to be relief. “Oh, Elder…don’t do that, please…” Aqua gave the old-looking Pokémon a smile.

“Ahha, I’m sorry young Buizel, it’s so easy to surprise love-sick kids though.” The Elder laughed.

“So…why are you here?” Aqua questioned as she continued to stuff an assortment of berries into the makeshift pack.

“I wanted to know more about your decision…I heard from your mother,” Aqua slowed her pace, a dark expression replacing the cheerful one she had. “That you’re going to take a neutral stand for your ‘Chosen’ quest-if…you wish to call it that, but your father would have…”

“My father would choose to be against the City Pokémon, so would everyone in the village,” Aqua cut him off. “But here’s what I want to do: I want to learn more about the City Pokémon, because we know nothing of them…all we know is what we’re told to know, what you Elders teach us. Well, that is not the path I want to take. I want to at least get an understanding of what I’m going to judge before I judge them!” She didn’t even look to the Whiscash and stuffed the pack full of berries and made her way back to the village.

“Aqua…” The Elder called after her.

“I’m not my father, I’m not my mother…and I’m not this village.” She said with distaste as she walked away.

After an angered walk back to her small home, Aqua burst in, her mother sitting on the ground with her arms crossed, staring her down. “You told the Elder about my choice?” Aqua growled.

“I thought he could talk some sense into you…” Her Floatzel mother explained simply. “I thought he’d be able to help you understand…”

“I want to do what I want!” Aqua yelled out, cutting her mother off. “I’m tired of everyone saying what I should do…” She turned to leave.

“Aqua, you know this is foolish…you’re a Wild Pokémon, your choice should be easy…” Her mother said calmly. “Your father thought about being neutral once…and he almost died trying to befriend someone from the city…think, Aqua…”

“I’m through thinking…” Aqua took the pack and put it over her shoulder. “My father did too much of that and look where he is now?” She glanced back at her before leaving. “I won’t make such a stupid move…I’ll never be like him.” She stormed out.


The mist surrounding the village began to form a faint rainbow as noon arrived. On the other side of the village, Aqua stood before the bridge leading into a cave near it. “Please let me at least have one good talk…” She sighed before walking down the bridge, holding her pack in one paw. “I should find a way to make this easier to carry…” She mumbled.

She eventually entered the cave that was close to the waterfall; travelling up a single path, lit by strange stones imbedded in the rock, she reached another opening. The waterfall was directly in-front of it, water streaming down quickly, the mist it gave off making this section wet, drops of water falling off the rocks above occasionally. Sitting close to the cave opening was Wade, the Floatzel she spoke with earlier.

Aqua sighed lightly and blushed openly, not trying to hide it at all. “W-Wade…?” She mumbled, getting his attention.

“Yo, Aqua,” He looked back at her and smiled. “Come and sit next to me.” He said patting the ground next to her. Aqua smiled blissfully and quickly came to his side, sitting next to him. “Nice, ain’t it?” Wade asked staring off into the cascading water.

“Yeah,” Aqua sighed longingly. “It’s very relaxing to watch the water from this end…especially at night…” She said lightly, her tone bringing her away from the constant bickering of her mother and the Elder’s attempt at changing her point of view.

“I know you’ve been upset after what happened with your dad,” Wade looked to her, noticing the change in her expression. “But we all know how risky it is to side with the City Pokémon…all they want to do is force their views on us, Aqua…” Wade was cut off by the Buizel’s head shaking.

“Everyone’s been bothering me about making my decision quickly…” She shook her head again. “I don’t want to be told what I should do…I’ve been told that for weeks.” Aqua glared at the waterfall. “My father befriended a City Pokémon and they quickly betrayed him…he lashed out at them and was arrested…at least that’s what everyone says…” She looked to Wade, her blush gone and the dark expression returning. “The Elder and my mother are trying to convince me that I’m making the wrong choice by being neutral until I find a way to figure my answer to Arceus.” She stood up. “I want to understand…” She picked up her pack. “Why my father was arrested...” Aqua glanced at the waterfall. “Why the City Pokémon want to force change on us…” And she turned towards the path leading out. “And there are a couple ways to do that.” She finished.

“You’re going to use that power again?” Aqua paused. “I heard from some of the villagers…your mom didn’t hesitate to tell others what you did seven years ago.” She looked back at him. “You can rip open barriers into other worlds or something like that, right?” Wade asked.

Aqua didn’t reply, she looked away and sighed, her eyes closed. There was silence between the two for a while before Wade spoke again.

“Am I right?” He questioned.

“I’m going to figure out the standings of some of the Pokémon they call ‘gods’ while I’m traveling.” Aqua explained.

“So you are going to use that power.” Wade chuckled.

“I will.” Aqua answered simply.

“Well, that’s cool and all…” He stood up. “But why don’t we make this interesting?” Aqua turned back, whatever feelings she had towards him were faintly returning.

“W-what do you mean?” She questioned. “How do you plan on making this interesting?” She wondered.

“Well it’s fairly simple,” Wade said in a mater-of-fact tone. “Let’s just have a quick sparring match.” He shrugged.

“Why would I spar with you?” Aqua questioned. “I’m about to leave…and you’re one of the stronger villagers here.” She backed off.

“To see if your mother and the Elder are right.” She glared at him.

“You want to change my view too?” Aqua gritted her teeth, a low growl escaping her maw, although the sounds of the crashing falls masked it. “Like I told my mother…like I told the Elder…I want to do what I want...I’m not this village or its inhabitants…so stop trying to make me into your image!” Aqua protested.

“Then prove it to me,” Wade said smugly. “Fight me and prove that your view is the correct one.” He held an arm out as if inviting her to attack.

“Fine then,” Aqua sat her pack down on a dry spot within the cave and glared at Wade. “You’re one of the stronger ones, but I’ll gladly take that challenge…I have to get stronger anyway…” Balls of water formed in Aqua’s paws and tossed them Wade’s way.

“You’re willing to put your view on the line…you know the stakes, right?” He blocked them with the fins on his arms.

“If I lose I’d have to follow your viewpoint, but if I win, I’m free to do as I please…” Aqua stated forming more water balls and combining them into a larger one.

Gusts of wind began to surround Wade’s fins. “Good, I guess you’re aware of that…” He smirked. “This is a battle of ideals, just like the war of the past!”

“And that’s what I want to prevent!” She threw the larger orb of water towards Wade, but he blocked it with a swift swing of his arms, two blades of air cutting through the water with ease forcing Aqua to avoid them as well.

“You’ll have to be stronger than that.” Wade calmly exclaimed.

Aqua focused, forming a small swirling vortex of water in her paw. “I know.” She focused, making it grow larger and threw it at Wade. The vortex began to grow even larger as it rushed towards him.

“That’s a sad way to use Whirlpool…” The Floatzel avoided it, but was caught off guard when Aqua rushed in with another vortex of water forming in her paws.

“There are a lot of ways to use it…!” She swung the vortex around, striking Wade and sending him flying towards the waterfall, eventually striking it. “We all know we have to be creative…” She said as if talking for more than herself; Wade had vanished from her sight, possibly knocked into the waterfall.

Aqua was about to walk off when she heard a call from the waterfall. “Nice one!” Aqua turned back to the opening near the waterfall to see Wade climbing up, panting heavily. “It wasn’t easy getting back up here, but it was worth it!” He laughed. “Nice Whirlpool attack by the way, Aqua.” He complemented. “Now, come on!” He rushed at Aqua with a cold mist surrounding his fists. “Show me why you want this neutrality!” He threw punches at Aqua, who avoided each shot.

Aqua avoided each punch easily, her smaller size and higher speed made Wade’s attacks fail to land until she was backed into a wall; Aqua avoided the next blow which dug into the wall. “…Tch…” Aqua was about to counter with her own attack, but was struck by Wade’s Ice-Punch attack and knocked into the wall.

“Got ya…” Wade held her there and pulled his other fist back, wind surrounding his fin.

“Wild Pokémon and City Pokémon fight differently…” Wade was caught off guard by Aqua’s sudden statement. “City Pokémon fight with dirty tactics and weapons, but Wild Pokémon fight with their instincts and latent skills…” She struck him with another Whirlpool attack; the two were surrounded by a massive vortex of water. The vortex was launched into the air and was smashed into the ceiling, exploding into a rain of water.

The two landed hard on the ground, Wade getting up quickly. “What was the point in saying that…?” The Floatzel growled.

“Because this fight is boring and slow…” Aqua sighed. “You’re not taking it seriously, just trying to overpower me.” She stated simply.

“Humph…” Wade grumbled. “Whatever…!” His fins were surrounded by gusts of wind once again.

“That’s why you’re the stronger villager here.” Aqua sighed rolling her eyes and turning away. “I’m not going to waste any more time here.” She said heading to get her pack.

“Now you’re going to ignore me…?” Wade growled and swung his arms, waves of harsh air shot towards her. Aqua simply avoided the attacks, only to be met by a tackle from Wade, knocking her to the ground. “You’re a Wild Pokémon!” He yelled spitting in her face. “…Why are you choosing to be neutral!?” Aqua didn’t reply and seemed to focus. “Answer me!” Wade yelled.

“Because I chose to be neutral…” The air distorted around the two. “It’s my right to choose, isn’t it?” Wade gasped, but kept his position over Aqua. “Just because I’m a Wild Pokémon doesn’t mean I have to follow the beliefs of the Wild Pokémon…!” Aqua yelled out, the distortion becoming stronger, making Wade gasp for breath and collapsed, rolling off of her. “You…and everyone else…” She stood up, that distortion didn’t fade. “Can’t control me…!”

“A-Aqua…” Wade gasped; his breath’s labored and weak.

“I…” Aqua realized what she was doing and the distortion faded, Wade’s breathing returning to normal slowly. She said nothing more and took her pack, walking out of the cave. “I’m leaving…you can tell everyone I said goodbye…”

“Aqua…” Wade breathed heavily as he called, but the Buizel didn’t reply. “What the hell was…that…?” He questioned.

A ‘Chosen’ has great power…the power to warp dimensions and enter locations when possible…known as the ‘god’s realms’. It’s a unique distortion where if you’re not capable, like us ‘Chosen’, you’ll die from suffocation. These worlds belong to those ‘gods’ and ‘normal Pokémon’ can’t travel there…which is another reason the City Pokémon consider them ‘gods’. Anyway, we ‘Chosen’ have the ability to trigger distortions wherever we choose and depending on where we use it, we can enter those realms. Oddly, if we use it around Pokémon that aren’t ‘Chosen’ they suffocate, even if they’re not able to breathe to begin with. I’ll never understand this power, but I’m going to use it to understand the views of the Pokémon they call ‘gods’.

Chapter 1 End

Hmm, this seemed slow to me, maybe it's just me I haven't written a story with a serious tone in a while. XP
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