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Name: Lucia Alvarez Araya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Picture One l Picture Two
Personality: Lucia is a quiet girl, preferring not to speak unless she has to. It's not as if she can't talk or anything - she just prefers to keep quiet and concentrate on the running commentary going on in her head. She adores sweet food, and can eat quite a bit of it. She can't eat anything too spicy, or the wind will be tinged red. Lucia hates going underground and will uncharacteristically start to protest and refuse to go down. She is quite flexible and is surprisingly good at parkour.
History: Lucia was born on May 5th 1998 in Santa Cruz, the Canary Islands. At a young age she learnt gymnastics, and she would often start climbing on public property. She went to the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, all three of which disappeared. Lucia has an incredibly strong will and a good memory, and both of them helped her to remember the missing artefacts. From the age of six she felt a strong connection to the wind and as such would watch the wind ravage the palm trees from her house in Santa Cruz. When the artefacts started disappearing, she was suspicious and confused. That day, she walked up to the beach, and started walking around the coast. Moving her hands from side to side, she noticed that she was making the wind blow. She could stop and move it with her hands. Shocked at first, she kept practicing and started hearing voices in her head. It was always the same four, and she eventually gave them names. The first one, light and soft like the wind, she named ‘Ria’. The second, deep and quiet like the trees, she named ‘Leon’. The third and fourth, who were obviously twins from the way they sounded and talked, she named ‘Lucy' and 'Alexander’. They all eventually formed a rhythm, and are now a part of her daily life. She then decided to help save the world, and stop the kid from ruining the world.
Powers: Wind Control – She can just barely control the wind. Lucia often uses her hands to create it.
Voices – She can hear 4 voices in her head. They usually don't do that much apart from adding in a comment here and there, though.
Pokémon Team:
Aquamarine - Vaporeon - female
Scarlet - Delcatty - female
Resonance - Banette - female

Other: N/A

VPP Hatch: 26

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