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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines

(OOC: So Slowbro was facing the water? ?.? Also lol at calling her Ivy.)


Elena watched as Toshiro did as she asked, running around the Slowbro and charging up a Thunder Fang. She could see the fluorescent blue color filling his mouth, crackling around his teeth. The Jolteon jumped, and she was puzzled until she realized that the shell was blocking the majority of the Psychic-type's back. She would've face-palmed if she could. She completely forgot about that part. Thankfully Toshiro was smarter than she was, and he could handle himself in the battle just fine.

He bared his teeth and struck, surging with energy as he bit into Slowbro. There was no response at first, so Elena wasn't sure how fast the response time was going to be. Then something happened, and Jolteon somehow managed to be back into the water. It was a good thing it wasn't very deep, even though she was fairly sure he wouldn't panic this time.

He started swimming back toward the shore, but suddenly the water became alive. It surged forward from underneath the Psychic-type and then swept both of them back out toward the center in a powerful wave, no doubt a somewhat-delayed response. Toshiro had no time to get out of it, as the wave corrected its movement and crashed back onto the beach. Water rushed out in a spray, causing Elena to throw at arm up so her face wouldn't get soaked. She didn't mind a little water like this, but she'd like to be able to see.

Toshiro tumbled onto the sand, leaving dragging tracks as he finally stopped rolling. Slowbro was across the field from her, standing there quietly. The water left him, sliding back into the lake and leaving dark stains in its trail. Hopefully it would stay there this time. The surging water brought back bad memories.

The Jolteon got between her and their opponent, growling in between spitting up water. He knew the times she was thinking about, seeing how that's where they met. While it turned out okay in the end, it hadn't been easy to get there.

“Easy, Toshiro,” she said calmly, trying to keep her own voice steady. She wanted him to be serious, but she didn't want him to act out in a rage of sorts. Usually emotion clouded people's heads, and Pokémon weren't really that different.

Despite her trying to blank it out, the water collected at her feet and the sound of the lake moving to the energy applied to it brought back that day in Slateport. She should really know better by now, running off to chase after rumors of the Silver League plotting. She said she'd be more careful every time, but it never really changed. She wanted to stop them so badly that she couldn't help it. She could've at least told someone where she was going. She had just been so used to doing things by herself that it never dawned on her to call Glenne or Damian. They might've even helped.

Instead, she had been alone with her Pokémon on a partially-sunken ship off the coast of the city. Many missing Pokémon in an area was always a good sign that one of the Leagues were up to something. The ship had been a smuggling point, for Water-type Pokémon specifically, but a few others had been locked up in those cages.

It wasn't hard to sneak on, but once she was there, she wasn't sure how to get all the Pokémon out. The inside was filled with cages, some only inches from the water that filled the bottom. The giant hole in the ship was how they smuggled in Pokémon without being seen. She hadn't thought about how they were going to get out. She just charged in and tampered with the locks, trying to do what she could for the poor creatures.

Of course, she got caught.

There wasn't anywhere to hide. The ship was a decent size, and the League's Water Pokémon kept watch. Soon she joined the other Pokémon in the cages, watching the water ripple as the goons laughed above her. She spent three nights in that place. One of their favorite things to do was stir up the water and make it wash over the cages for fun. The poor Pokémon had spluttered and coughed for hours.

She found Toshiro there though, in a cage close to hers. He hated the water as much as the others, but he couldn't dare retaliate because the water would conduct his electric attacks to all the Pokémon there, and he didn't want to hurt the others. She didn't blame him, though she hadn't seen any other way out.

Eventually, everyone on the ship had come to an understanding that that might've been the only way they could get out, and a little pain compared to a life in a cage and who knows what else didn't seem so bad. Elena had convinced Toshiro to try, and on a day when the guard was light, he released his Thunder on the ship. It had broken a lot of the locks and weakened the others, and even though the Pokémon were hurt, they had all managed to escape somehow.

She remembered the feeling. It was like tiny needles erupted through her skin on every part of her body. It hurt. She had shaken for days afterward, but that didn't matter, because they had helped all the Pokémon on the ship and interrupted one of Silver's plans. It was worth it.

Toshiro had followed her for a bit after that, perhaps curious why a person like her would come onto a ship like that, and he had ended up staying with her. She was glad. She had gotten attached to him while trapped in that cage.

Toshiro's growling snapped her out of her thoughts. They had come a long way in such a short time, and now they were battling together like they had done it for a long time. She was proud of the electric fox.

“Okay, it's on the beach now, so we have to act fast before he goes back into the water. Start out with a Pin Missile so you can distract it. Keep it busy with the needles while you charge up a Thunder Wave. Once you get an opening, fire it off. I'm hoping the shocks will discourage him from going back out into the lake since the water will conduct the Thunder Wave better. Go for it!” she called.

Toshiro's hair stood on end as he readied the first attack. It made him a little like a porcupine, firing off tiny spines like that. They weren't too strong, but they would hopefully do a little damage and keep Slowbro disgruntled. They would have to risk the electric attack while Toshiro was wet. He had still gone through with it in that ship, so hopefully he would now, even if he could feel it. His fur cackled with energy as he charged up the wave too, and Elena hoped that it would work.

There was only so much daylight left, and even though she was supposed to be taking a break, she was antsy to get back to the mainland. The Silver League had interrupted her first run, causing her to have to leave early, but she was determined not to have that happen this time. She wanted to finish and actually see all the Park had to offer. It was a nice place, and she was hoping she'd be able to convince her friends to come here too.

“Remember, Toshiro, find your opening but don't put yourself at risk. Don't be afraid of a counterattack.”

Like they learned on that ship, pain was sometimes favorable to the alternative.


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