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Default Re: Challenger [White Knight] vs -Velocity and Mass- Gym Leader [Velocity]

Round Two

Leader Velocity

[Bohmander] Salamence (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Not too disappointed; +1 Attack, +1 Speed
Moves: Dragon Dance/Dragon Claw ~ Draco Meteor/Helping Hand/Double Team

[Velo] Arcanine (F)
HP: 95%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Ready for the next round; +1 Speed
Moves: Double Team/Fire Blast ~ Helping Hand/Heat Wave/Safeguard

Challenger White Knight

[Fluffy] Garchomp (F)

HP: 96%
Energy: 93%
Condition: A little disheartened; -1 Speed
Moves: Rock Slide ~ Dig

[Wooly] Mamoswine (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Just getting started; -2 Attack; 3 Clones
Moves: Icy Wind ~ Amnesia

Deciding that his current level of power wasn’t going to be enough, Bohmander decided that he’d play the same card again. He pulled himself upwards into the air while beginning to get himself into one of his rages. Once he was far away enough from the ground, he began to writhe and twist again. Purple fire engulfed his body and he felt his blood rush and his muscles stretch. As he moved down again, he knew that by now he was strong enough to go toe-to-toe with his opponents.

Meanwhile, Velo was focusing on her defensive skills. She began to run from side to side in front of Fluffy and Wooly until she became nothing but a blur. She then gradually began to slow down, revealing that there were now five versions of her. The Arcanine looked at their opponents and smiled – it would be fun to see how they coped with this.

Unfortunately, Fluffy seemed to be able to deal with it fairly well. He smashed the tiles on the walls, creating a stockpile of broken masonry. Next, he threw the ruined panels at the Gym Leader’s pokémon, who frowned as the broken tiles hit them. Velo’s clones flickered and disappeared as the pieces of wall bounced off her. The attack didn’t hurt too badly, but the loss of the clones was quite a set-back for the Arcanine and her partner.

And it seemed that things weren’t going to get better quickly. Wooly took a deep breath and exhaled a blizzard over his opponents. Somehow, Bohmander managed to get out of the way before he got hit by the attack, but Velo was caught in it before she knew it was coming. She felt the temperature around plummet unbelievably quickly and her muscles freezing up, making her slower than before. Things were certainly getting worse.

There was a slight reprieve, however. Three shots were fired from the turret at Wooly and his clones. Somewhat fortunately, only his clones were destroyed by the attacks, but he was now undefended and his opponents would be able to hit him without a problem.

Still disappointed at the loss of her clones, Velo moved towards Bohmander and placed a paw on his scaly side. She allowed energy to flow from her body into his, giving him a considerable boost for his next attack. A grin spread across the dragon’s face as he looked at Fluffy – he would enjoy this.

Orange energy swirled around the Salamence as he prepared his attack. He roared and the sound echoed around the chamber, making White Knight and his pokémon tremble. Orbs of light flew from Bohmander’s mouth towards Fluffy, who began scrabbling at the floor tiles desperately. However, the land-dragon wasn’t fast enough to avoid the sky-dragon’s attack, and several blasts of energy knocked him to the ground. He lay on the ground for a while, waiting for the pounding in his head to stop. Then he got back to his feet with fire burning in his eyes; he was going to make them pay for this if it cost him his life.

The only problem with that was his supposed method of attack. While breaking through the tiles wasn’t too problematic, under them was a mass of wiring and several different materials which were designed to keep the ceiling from falling down on the room below. This made the floor fairly impenetrable to all but the smallest of pokémon. He growled and gave up on his attack, deciding to stew in his juices for a while instead.

Seeing Fluffy give up on the offensive front, Wooly elected to boost his defences rather than follow in his footsteps. He spent a while looking back over his life and picking a few memories that he could live without. As he released them, he felt his mind grow stronger and he became more resistant to attacks that didn’t cause harm by physical means. A grin spread across his face. Nothing could penetrate his defences now.

Leader Velocity

[Bohmander] Salamence (M)

HP: 94%
Energy: 83%
Condition: Pleased with how the round went; +2 Attack, +2 Speed, -2 Special Attack

[Velo] Arcanine (F)
HP: 85%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Preparing herself for the next round

Challenger White Knight

[Fluffy] Garchomp (M)

HP: 64%
Energy: 81%
Condition: Getting mad; -1 Speed

[Wooly] Mamoswine (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 80%
Condition: Ready to meet any threat head-on; +2 Special Defence, -2 Attack

Dragon Dance- (Salamence -4% Energy, +1 Attack, +1 Speed)
Double Team- (Arcanine -12% Energy, +4 Clones)
Rock Slide- (Rolled 67/100, 90 or less to hit; rolled 80/100, 90 or less to hit, rolled 1/6, hits Arcanine; rolled 5/10, 3 or less to flinch; rolled 8/10, 3 or less to flinch; Garchomp -7% Energy; Arcanine -6% HP, -5 Clones; Salamence -6% HP)
Icy Wind- (Rolled 97/100, 95 or less to hit; rolled 3/100, 95 or less to hit; Mamoswine -4% Energy; Arcanine -3% HP, -1 Speed)
Helping Hand- (Arcanine -5% Energy)
Draco Meteor- (Rolled 33/100, 90 or less to hit; Salamence -9% Energy, -2 Special Attack; Garchomp -32% HP)
Dig- (Garchomp -5% Energy)
Amnesia- (Mamoswine -3% Energy, +2 Special Defence)
Garchomp couldn’t perform his attack before Salamence because he is slower. Also, I’m not sure that Dig would work inside a building.

Arena Notes
Garchomp- (Rolled 25/40, nothing)
Mamoswine- (Rolled 7/40, attacked; hit three times; rolled 2/4, clone destroyed, rolled 3/3, clone destroyed, rolled 2/2, clone destroyed)
No further rolls were made

Team Notes
6 pokémon remaining
White Knight
6 pokémon remaining

Yes, Knight, I did know that.