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Default My HO Team


Hello Pokemon community I am quite new to the competitive world of pokemon and have been fiddling around with many teams starting of with a team only useing the fastest pokemon in pokemon black which was CRAP. Now after that i fiddled around a bit changing my serperior into a duel screener and giving most of my pokemon set up moves thats when i learned about HO. Now learning about HO was a big jump forward with me completly changing my whole team.

Now to get to the team here is the standard HO lead with a little twist.

Deoxys-S @ Light Clay
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 Hp / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Nature: Timid
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Taunt
- Stealth Rocks

Deoxy's-S will be my lead coming and setting up the fastest Dual Screens (bar pranksters of course) which is essential for my team being hyper offensive. Taunt is there to stop opposing Deoxys-s as well as set up sweepers which will allow me to set up my screens and SR to greatly increase my teams chances. Stealth Rocks is the last move on this set to help my team get that much needed extra damage to score some KOs as well as breaking and focus sashs or sturdys.

Cloyster @ Life Orb
Ability: Skill Link
EVs: 252 Atk / 12 SpA / 244 Spe
Nature: Naive
- Shell Smash
- Icicle Spear
- Rock Blast
- Hydro Pump

Cloyster is a god damn BEAST after a Shell Smash raising it's attack, speed and special attack to insane levels that you will never see any other clam doing. With Icicle Spear being raised to 125 BP with skill link it becomes Cloyster most powerful attack by far, being abile to OHKO specially defensive Ferrothorn at +2. Rock Blast is the second move because it to got a boost to 125 BP with skill link and lets it damage ice, flying and bug for super effective damage as well as letting hit water that resist both it's stabs. Hydro Pump is the last move on this set so Cloyster can get though physical walls with ease as well as giving it and extremely powerful move in the rain. I used 244 EVs to outspeed Scarfed Terrakion after a boost which could comepletly ruin my sweep with it's STAB Stone Edge then threw the leftovers into SpA to get that extra boost for Hydro Pump.

Terrakion @ Life Orb
Ability: Justified
EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Jolly
- Rock Polish
- Swords Dance
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge

Terrakion has amazing offensive typing and great bulk for a sweeper especially in the sand that is ever more popular, has given Terrakion the freedom to do what very few other Pokemon in the game are able to, run a double boosting set. This gives Terrakion amazing versatility vs both offensive and defensive teams. Against offensive teams, Rock Polish allows Terrakion to use its great STABs and the boost from Life Orb to run through them. Against slower, defensive teams, Terrakion can amplify its raw power to simplely smash any wall that thinks it can take a hit, since it is unlikely to require the Speed boost. Also, it is pretty common to find myself in a situation where I am able to boost both Speed or Attack by 4 stages.

Salamence @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Nature: Naive
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast

Salamence is one of the greatest pokemon ever made and there is no doubt in my mind why he was banned last generation. Now while he is available to OU why wouldn't you use him and his best set. DD Salamence is an amazing set that take down teams by itself single handedly with it's extremely powerful stab Outrage it can blast though even things that resist by would it do that when it has Earthquake the almost perfect move combined with Outrage to give almost unresisted coverage. Now Fire Blast rounds out this set by dealing massive damage to skarmory and bronzong which could wall this to hell without it as well as being my best bet of beating ferrothorn, scizor and the like.

Scizor @ Life Orb
Ability: Technician
EVs: 232 Hp / 252 Atk / 24 Spe
Nature: Adamant
- Swords Dance
- Bullet Punch
- Superpower
- Bug Bite

Swords Dance boosts Scizor's Attack to sky high levels alowing it to just plow though teams. Bullet Punch is Scizor's main move, bypassing its pathetic Speed to deal huge damage to anything that doesn't resist it and alot that do. Superpower is on this set to deal with the Steel-types that plague Scizor, allowing it to lure in and destroy powerful foes such as Heatran and Magnezone which brick break couldn't dream of. It also allows Scizor to deal with Skarmory when at +2 allowing him to 2HKO her, and makes switching into Scizor extrmely difficult. Finally Bug Bite rounds of this set allowing him severally damage slow walls such as Hippowdon and Slowbro, 2HKOing and OHKOing respectively at +2.

Lucario @ Life Orb
Ability: Stead Fast
EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Adamant
- Swords Dance
- Close Combat
- Extremespeed
- Crunch

Close Combat serves as Lucario's main STAB move hitting extremely hard against anything that doesn't resist it and alot that do. With ExtremeSpeed's boost to +2 priority, Lucario can now out speed all other offensive priority moves except for Fake Out (which it gets a very nice boost of speed from) which is a great boost making it abile to patientionly kill of priority users before they can even hit him (cough*conkeldurr*cough). Crunch is used to hit ghost pokemon like Jellicent and Gengar that are immune to my other 2 moves as well as giving me perfect coverage. I put stead fast in there instead of inner focus because i think a boost to speed is much better than being immune to them because lucario being quite slow at 90 base, needs all the speed it can get which could potentially win me the game.

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