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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu | Rough Terrain | Lilligance

Saraibre Ryu

[Layola] Lilligant (F)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 17%
Energy: 81%
[+2 ATK, -2 ACC]
Synthesis ~ Synthesis ~ Synthesis


[-] Sawk (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Bulk Up ~ Karate Chop ~ Leer

Layola closed her eyes, feeling the sun's rays enter her body. As a plant, she knew the importance of good sunlight, and she knew how to take proper advantage of its healing properties. Her body began to glow green, and she shivered with delight as she felt her tired body being restored to some of its former vitality.
[Synthesis: Layola, +20% HP, -10% Energy]

Meanwhile, Sawk was about to give himself a boost in another way. He closed his eyes and began to breathe deeply, focusing his energy into his muscles. This made his limbs begin to feel stronger and more powerful, while in turn he also felt more tough and durable. A faint red aura flickered around him, a physical manifestation of the power.
[Bulk Up: Sawk, -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 DEF]

Layola was still busy healing. She had a smile of bliss and rapture on her fair (read: PAPER WHITE) face, and her body was feeling better and better by the second. All of a sudden it seemed that the sun was her very best friend.
[Synthesis: Layola, +20% HP, -10% Energy]

Sawk flexed his muscles. With this new power, he was ready to take on the strange plant in his territory. He stepped forward and, like a true karate master, delivered a hard chop to Layola with the side of his hand. Layola gasped in pain, rubbing her bruised shoulder and glaring indignantly at the blue warmonger.
[Karate Chop: Layola, -12% HP; Sawk, -4% Energy]

Layola decided to heal one more time. The sun's rays continued to pour into her, making her body shimmer and shine and literally glow with health and life. She let out a sigh, feeling that this would be her last taste of healing for this battle.
[Synthesis: Layola, +20% HP, -10% Energy]

Sawk was disappointed at how little Layola had been damaged by his attack, and he decided to make it so that his opponent would suffer more from the punishment he dealt. He glared at Layola, his eyes glowing an intimidating shade of red. Layola shivered as Sawk's eyes glared straight into her soul. She was so nervous that she could feel her guard dropping significantly.
[Leer: Layola, -1 DEF; Sawk, -2% Energy]

Saraibre Ryu

[Layola] Lilligant (F)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 65%
Energy: 51%
[+2 ATK, -1 DEF, -2 ACC]


[-] Sawk (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
Health: 100%
Energy: 90%
[+1 ATK, +1 DEF]

Ranger Notes
Karate Chop's Crit Roll was 63; 1-12.5 for Crit.
I apologize for the bad writing. This was written in haste.

> Attack, Use Item, Throw Ball (1 Safari Point each)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Exit Safari Zone (30 Safari Points)

You have 22 Safari Points left.
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