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Default Re: [IA] What is Darkness?

> Go to the bathroom, use it, wash face, brush teeth, etc.

Standing up, you decide to clean yourself before you continue with your day. Walking into the bathroom, you lift the seat on the toilet and sit down, relieving yourself before finishing and flushing the toilet. Putting the seat down, you turn on the water in the bathtub, waiting until it warmed up to adjust it. Once it is nice and warm, you close the bathroom door and lift the stopper that changes it from a bath to a shower. Drawing the plastic cutains closed, you strip off your clothing before you step inside. Roughly forty minutes later, you turn off the water, wrapping a towel around your body as you dry your hair off.

Walking over to the sink, you turn on the faucet after curling a corner of the towel inward to hold it in place. You take your toothbrush from the cup it is held in and spread a little bit of toothpaste on it. Running it under the water for a moment, you turn the faucet off and brush your teeth, scrubbing thoroughly before you spit the mixture of toothpaste, water, saliva, and residual gunk from your mouth, runsing it down the drain. Taking the mouthwash next, you gargle and swish it around in your mouth for a minute or so and then spit it out, feeling it work on whatever bacteria was left from last night's dinner.

Finally looking into the mirror, still slightly fogged from the warm air from the shower, you look over your form. You look at your dark ash grey fur, a burnt orange cream color in the front of your chest and splashed along your muzzle. Your short horns, a trait among all female anthro Houndoom, curl smoothly and form a hook shape on your head. Your soft crimson eyes, a trait from your mother with the color from your father, peer back at you. Your fur is slightly mussed and still damp. Your hair, long black with fire red tips, is messy, running down your back and stopping at your tail, long, slender, and tipped with the shape of an arrowhead. Your claws, a soft white, almost like bleached bones, are curved and sharp, ready to tear and rend an enemy who tries to take advantage of your form. Sadly, they have been put to use more than once.

Picking up your brush, you brush your hair, working through the tangles until it is all smooth and long, fixing it into one braid, what you've grown accustomed to, and then working to dry off your fur. Once you are all dried, you open the bathroom door and wonder what to do next, now that you have washed up. The time says 7:53 AM
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