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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

(OOC: That's a little better, UltimateBrawl, but see if you can fill up your future posts a little more. There's a lot going on right now--including lunch and the thing with the tree--plus I suspect that soon people will be forbidden to go from world to world right now, so we might see some Librarians refusing to let people check out world books. Also, there will be a trial held in the Court of Elders in the Grand Hall soon, and the Masters of the Guild are invited ^^)

Vanessa Garrick
Dark, Master
Everlastia, Dungeon Cell (Beneath the Elder’s Tower)

A vicious smile wormed its way onto her porcelain face, twisting its natural beauty into something both unnatural and enchanting. She had her back turned to the wall, away from the door that separated her from the rest of the Keyblade Guild. On either side, guards stood stoically. All were Masters of notable rank, some that Vanessa had known years ago, but all did their best to ignore or avoid her attentions.

Vanessa knew, however, that they were greatly intimidated by her.

She happily kept this knowledge to herself as she tried to find a way to occupy herself. Quickly after that blasted Drysten had brought them back to Everlastia, the Elders saw fit to imprison the female Master in this dreary prison cell beneath their Tower. Here, she had remained, and would stay until some “emergency meeting” was called forth. Unwittingly, however, the Elders had sentenced her to an hour of complete boredom.

Truthfully, Vanessa was entirely capable of escaping. She wouldn’t even need to bat an eye to use her Dark powers to create a path out of these dingy accommodations. Yet she wasn’t quite done with her work here. Not yet. Besides, why would she miss out on an opportunity to greet her old teacher?

Heaving a sigh, Vanessa sat down on the miserably cold floor and folded her legs in front of her. Time probably would have gone by faster if she had some way to occupy herself. Too bad her guards weren’t interesting enough to talk to. Tight-lipped ninnies. Oh well; perhaps she could accomplish something while stuck in there. Leaning back while supporting herself with one arm, the raven-haired woman traced a finger along the dirt in the floor.

The guards fidgeted behind her, wary of some new sorcery. She heard one hesitantly approach, peering over her shoulder cautiously. Grinning to herself, she pretended to be as ignorant as they were, continuing her harmless drawing. Minutes passed, and the guards seemed satisfied that nothing significant was happening. The man returned to his post, back to ignoring her as best as he could.

Fools, she rolled her eyes. Trusting that she wouldn’t attract their attention know, she put more effort into her work—and instead of drawing a measly picture of a Shadow Heartless, she began scrawling a message in the dirt. With every stroke, she began pouring energy into the message. The streaks she left soon filled with smoldering lines of darkness. Her back kept the act hidden from the guards’ view. Finally, finishing the message, she swept her hand across it. In an instant, the writing was erased, but the shadows she had created pooled together. Then, slithering like a snake, the line of darkness crossed the room towards the corner of the room.

“What the…? What was that?”

Vanessa turned to see the guards jump into defensive stances. One fixed an especially unpleasant glare in her direction and demanded, “What did you do?”

Unfazed by their display, Vanessa calmly stood, her face the very expression of innocence. “What are you talking about?” she raised her hands in a baffled manner. Yet a sly grin crossed her face as suddenly her hand flickered with dark flames, which she slowly waved before them. “I didn’t see anything.”

Their eyes immediately glazed over, and their frames slumped. The one who had spoken last mumbled, “No… I guess we didn’t see anything either.”

The other seemed to struggle for a moment against Vanessa’s persuasion, “But… you were up to something…”

“Me? I was just drawing in the dirt. You saw so for yourself…”

“Yeah… I… suppose I did…”

Vanessa chuckled softly to herself, releasing the magic of her spell. The darkness flickering in her hand was immediately snuffed out, and the men swayed unsteadily on their feet. Yet as soon as they came to themselves, they returned again to their stoic silence without any trace of their earlier suspicion.

Well, I guess it’s back to this boredom, the Dark beauty sighed to herself. But at least I got my message out. I hope that Chase gets it soon, before I get too bored.


Rush Peterson
Light, Recruit
Everlastia, Mess Hall

"Embry Smith...?” the angel-girl, Ailith, considered Rush’s question. She chewed on a piece of pocky, which served to remind Rush how hungry he was. “Name sounds faintly familiar, but I don't know her personally."

“Same for us,” the other girl in the trio added, though she seemed to be a bit distracted with trying to calm the white-haired kid.

Rush slowly nodded with an understanding frown. He didn’t think that they would know her, but it didn’t hurt to ask.

“I haven’t seen her.” Iolanthe joined in with their comments, though added lightly, “but I don’t know her, I’m not the best to go off of.”

Rush smiled at her and the others, trying to hide his disappointment—not at them, but at the fact that he still didn’t know where his friend was. “Oh,” he replied. “Well… that’s alright.”

Though he wasn’t sure if it was. Shouldn’t Embry be back by now? Well, maybe Celeste would know, if he ran into her later on. She was usually busy in the Healer’s Wing, being a doctor’s Apprentice and all, but she seemed to usually know what was going on in the Guild.

He turned back towards the line, which was slowly—but surely—making its way into the Mess Hall. His thoughts, in turn, drifted to Celeste. A while back, the three of them were real good friends: He, Embry, and Celeste. When they were all recruits, it had been like it was just the three of them against the world. Together, they had pulled through the stresses of classes and training, supporting each other when they needed it, laughing when everything felt so overwhelming. Yet it had all changed when Celeste, then Embry, had gained their Apprenticeships.

Celeste became busier than ever, and Rush began to see less and less of her. She had made new friends among the other Apprentices soon, too, and she seemed to mature faster as well. In the rare cases that Rush ever got to hang out with her, she acted more like an older sister than a good friend. Still, that was to be expected. She wasn’t the first friend Rush had gained who became like that, granted his many years stuck as a Recruit.

But Embry… she had been different. Though Master Vanessa had chosen her as an Apprentice, Embry was never really as occupied as Celeste. In fact, the two hardly did anything together, or so it seemed from his point of view. But how could he complain, since it left her plenty of time to hang out with him.

“Outta the way, wimp!” Rush heard those words moments before someone from behind him pulled his hat over his eyes. The blonde-haired boy hardly had time to react before he was abruptly pushed forward. Sniggering broke out as Rush quickly caught himself. Even before he repositioned his hat, he knew who he would be facing: Traynor, a regular hotheaded thug and his ruthless gang.

Yet another thing that hadn’t changed much from his old world: bullies.

Traynor in particular seemed to have no pity for Rush. In fact, he found it rather pathetic that the boy had been stuck as a Recruit for so long. And he took pleasure in ridiculing the lad because of that fact. Rush wasn’t sure what kind of a world he came from, but the thickly-built seventeen-year-old was obsessed with physical strength, and there were very few that could outmatch him (without the aid of magic). Traynor, of course, often gloated about his feats, which only served to pump him so full of swagger and testosterone that there was hardly room for anything else.

Disregarding everyone else in line, Trayner and his four goons deliberately cut their way towards the front. Rush, as well as countless others, glared loathingly at them, but not many dared to object.

Until one of Trayner’s buddies had the nerve to spy Kumori and say mockingly, “Hey, big guy, what’s the matter? Forgot your blankie?”


(OOC: And thus I evoke the wrath of Winter’s Charries… Oh this will be fun >:3
Heheh, Trayner... I sense a pun/play-on-words xD)


Celeste Piper
Light, Apprentice
Everlastia, Healer’s Wing

The longer Elder Theron hung around, the more Celeste’s suspicions accelerated. As much as she wondered why he was here, she wished that he would leave. He didn’t belong here, and Celeste most certainly didn’t want him to have anything to do with her friend. Yes, she supposed that the Elders should know what’s going on in the Guild, but still, a simple message usually sufficed. Why would this Theron guy come and visit Embry personally?

"Obviously this condition is nothing inflicted by regular wounds or spells," Doctor Caesura spoke up, gently resting Embry’s arm across her stomach. Celeste tore her accusing eyes from Theron a moment to observe the blonde-haired healer curiously. He hadn’t expressed any kind of surprise, which made her wonder; but then again, maybe he was engrossed in the problem before them.

"I fear this may go deeper than we suspect. . .” he continued. “ Would you mind, Siros, if I tried some tests on her?"

Siros slowly took his eyes off the Elder and replied, “…Yes… Do whatever you see fit, Doctor. I trust that you might be able to see something that I haven’t. I hope.”

What is he going to do? Celeste wondered, moving to get a closer look.

(OOC: This part is a faaaaaaaillll for me Dx)

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