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Default Dachampster x 3DThinker -- 3DThinker wins by DQ.

(1) Single Battle: 2 Pokemon each

(2) DQ: Two Days (I'll be lenient. I forget too sometimes, and if the battle goes on for a month, i would hate for a DQ to happen)

(3) Damage Caps: 50%

(4) Restrictions: 3 chills, no OHKO, only one Pokemon can be afflicted with Sleep at a time.

(5) Arena: The slim beach of a lake in a thick forest. The humidity is extremely high. Driftwood is everywhere. It is early morning, with fog rising up out of the water.

(6) Ref Style: Open

I'll lead with

[Psycho] Abra {F}
Ability: Synchronize
Current VPP: Kadabra Re-Evolves @: 140 Max @ : 320

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