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Originally Posted by LordVile View Post
My team is still completely viable because it works almost completely the same as last gen. You see if i split my my team to physical and special i have to deal with two walls rather than one (you must know that 1 is better than 2 in this situation). With that happening i don't get walled to death by blissey or chansey (which nearly every special attacker does) i only have to deal with physical wall and when thats done it's basically GG. Now I can see that your not a dumb fellow so could you point out any good reasons why this is not viable.
Your team isn't as amazing as you think it is as Gofre already has pointed out. The dual screening + five sweepers is old hat. Because your entire team is built to 'set-up' as you said, that would actually mean that you need TIME to set up your mons.

One particular pokemon that I run currently LAUGHS at your team. Unaware Quagsire with Swagger. Yes, SWAGGER. I switch in my Impish Quagsire as you set up. I use Swagger to sky rocket your 'physical attacking' pokemon and LOL as your pokemon kill themselves from confusion.

Also, I'd bet top-dollar that you've hardly, if EVER have used this team competitively. Almost all of your descriptions of your pokemon are direct COPIES of what the Smogon B/W analysis' say about your particular pokemon. Literally... word for word.

At least try and be original.

And oh yeah, did I mention this awesome team of yours loses to a Quagsire? LOL

So you think you are a top tier battler? Not so unless you have become the Kenohra League Champion!
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