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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

The Spark
Spell cast by Kian Locke
Healer's Wing

The small, yet incredibly agile spark fluttered through the bright sunlight that beat down upon the grounds. This allowed for the small light-like creature to be almost invisible - a rather helpful advantage for its objective to spy. It jumped in the air, approaching the Healer's Wing, Elder Theron just ahead.

The spark stuck to Theron like blu-tac on a wall - never letting him out of its line of sight for a moment. It shuddered with excitement and anticipation - not wanting to let down its master in the slightest. Creeping round a door in order to follow suit, it came to a room in which two patients were being treated upon. Quickly, the spark darted into the nearby light bulb - drawing it's energy in order to manipulate the light and to get a better observation of the scene. It stayed there - impersonating the light and drawing in all information that was provided by all that spoke.

Kian Locke
Light, Ex-Apprentice
Mess Hall

Kian had happily strolled into the line to enter the Mess Hall - pleased with himself that his spell would bring him back information he deemed important. Whatever he would gain from the scene with the tree could be able to help him with his recent work - combining both the Light and the Darkness together to create a source of immense power. However, he wasn't looking for the power, because he found it rather useless. In fact, all he wanted was recognition for his abilities and to be deemed as a member of the Guild's community - something the Elders had looked rather distasteful on in the past.

Standing in the line, he began to flick through various pages in his spell-book, trying to pass the time. In front of him were a group of people talking about something or other, only being able to pick up the words "Embry Smith" from their conversation. Kian considered it a name, one he was afraid he did not know. But, then again, there were a lot of people Kian didn't know - he wasn't very sociable.

"Outta the way, wimp!" he heard, glancing up to see a rather well-built boy pull the hat down on another. This soon developed into a full blown argument - the female and the boy, who Kian now began to referring as a "bully" in his thoughts, getting violent with each passing moment. During their spat, Kian had noticed something incredible: the female had wings like that of an Angel! He was amazed, shocked and utterly dumb-founded. They were something so rare for him to have seen - although they may have been rather common on the world in which the girl had come from.

Kian snapped out of his trance on the wings as soon as he saw the bully raise his fist. Quickly, he flicked his wrist up - his palm facing in the bully's direction. From the sleeve of Kian's cloak, a strand of purple ribbon shot out and slapped itself around the boy's fist. The impact made his arm flinch backwards, and he looked at Kian, the 'attacker', with a mixture of surprise and shock. Then just before he was about to open his mouth and spit out something rather vulgar, Kian repeated his earlier movement - this time the ribbon slapped itself onto his mouth. The bully raised his hands to try and rip off the ribbon, but Kian did another flick of his wrist, a rather longer piece shooting out from within his cloak sleeve this time, and the whole piece began to wrap itself around the bully's body. Kian bent his forefinger and the boy toppled over, his body rolling away from the line, his friends in tow - ready to break him free from his purple ribbon prison. Kian smiled triumphantly, remembering how his first days within the Guild had been tormented by that of bully's. This act he had done would either have two effects:- The bully would begin to drop in self-confidence after he had been beaten physically by ribbons, or he would be back later to tear Kian apart. If the latter were to happen, he would have magic on his side to prevent any permanent damage. Besides, Kian had only done this to prevent anymore violence - in his eyes, it was not a necessary thing to create.

Casually, as if nothing had ever happened, Kian had buried himself back into his spell-book, familiarising himself with the ribbon spell he had just used. In the past, Kian had practised this spell so many times that all he had to do now was to flick his wrist (with the concentration of his magical aura of course, or nothing would happen) to activate it. This had been during his time with his former master, who had tried so many times to make Kian transform it into a more darker, deadlier spell.

((So yeah, Kian decided enough was enough xD. Oh yeah - if the Healer's Wing is equipped with torches (you know, with teh fire) instead of lightbulbs, pretend that's what I mean and I'll edit it when I get the chance xD))

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