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Default Re: Battle Stadium Banner Contest {voting}

Oh man, if I wasn't so busy, I would have LOVED to enter this. =P

However, out of all the choices, I really enjoy Zan Sabrefang's simple design with the two colors of yellow and blue.

Sarah's is also another choice I really liked. However, only her first banner actually shows some depth int he banner. The others she made were a bit too bright and showed no depth. I felt a little disappointed. =[

Basically, out of her 3 banners, the first one is her best. It's not crazy bright and full of effects like the other two.

Kaoru Matsubara, your banner was really simple, but the text was a bad, bad choice. The colors, why did you pick those? I really can't tell if you made much changes in the cover art of the "Pokemon Stadium" game either. Here's a cover artwork of it that I think you used. If you have PS or GIMP, I think you should play around with font and experiment with the colors.

Zan Sabrefang was really easy to the eye for me.
Possibly my favorite out of the others Zan made. I like the text "Are you ready?". The border would have looked nice with maybe a thin line of dark blue/navy blue with the yellow border, but it's nice. The color scheme is pretty simple, but I think it worked very well for this banner.

Although I like Zan's simple banner design, I'm voting for Sarah. ^..^;;
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