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Default Nominations for PE2K Forum Breakdown

Hi all, I am starting a weekly article series on the main site to highlight some interesting threads around the forum. And that's where you come in!

I need nominations for what to include each week. Basically, what I'm looking for are the following:
-New or updated art threads, galleries, stories, roleplays, trade shops etc.
-Interesting forum threads/discussions/polls
-New or ongoing events, contests, tournaments etc.
-New or ongoing URPG/ASB/WFL/Battle Stadium etc. events or announcements

It can really be anything on the forum, the only rule is that it must have been updated/posted in within the last week!

You may also nominate your own threads. Think of it as free advertising!

Just post the link to the thread here. If you are nominating a fanfic or roleplay please provide a brief description (1 or 2 sentences) about what's new in that chapter/what's happening in the roleplay etc. Be creative and make it sound good, you want people to be enticed to check it out!
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