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Default Re: Pokemon Gijinka Academy

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Gijinka Sign Ups

Name: Alyssa Miles
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fairly tall (standing about 5'10") and of average weight. She has green hair that she ties back in a ponytail with reaches her shoulder blades. She wears a white tee shirt and brown baggy pants, which is covered by a deep green trench coat. A red sash is tied around her waist to keep the trench coat on her. She has a tail like a Sceptile, and has two leaves on each arm, just behind her hand. Her eyes are slightly tinted yellow, with a hint of red on her bottom lid. She wears glasses due to her poor eyesight.
Personality: She is proud of what she can do, but sometimes doubts her abilities to do new things correctly. She is quiet and can come off as being a little anti-social, but once she opens up she is kind and loyal.
History: Growing up with only a mother, Alyssa had to fend for herself a lot due to her Mother having a job to keep them both supported. When she was eleven, she transferred from her normal school to PGA to avoid bullying and has been there ever since, never leaving the island. She doesn't remember much of life amongst normal humans, and rarely sees anyone in her family anymore. She and her mom talk only a few times a year now.
Pokemon: Sceptile
Abilities: Fleet-footed and able to scale trees. Is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Can absorb nutrients from crushed plants to heal minor wounds. Can also gather sun's energy into an orb that can be used for combat purposes.
Other: Nothing much, really.

Pokemon Sign Ups

Name: Karell
Species: Sceptile
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal Sceptile, except with a slightly darker skin tone and a few inches taller.
Personality: Serious and protective, she never lets anyone attempt to harm Alyssa. She may seem stoic, but she and Alyssa talk like sisters.

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