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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase!

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post

Lack of description, I need sleep.

Just a concept I thought out. Let me know of any anatomy inconsistencies and blah if you see them.

kthxbai imma go sleep nao.
I remember seeing this on DA :) To me, the body looks a little long and a bit too rounded. To me, a dragon's chest and hips should be the same size, with the stomach (and where the ribcage ends) being a little bit thinner, giving it a curvier shape. The front leg on the left side of the dragon (our right), seems to come out of the shoulder a little bit too high compared to the right leg (our left)

That was my attempt at crit, I hope it helps a bit :)

Anyone want to give me crit on a few fusions of mine?

I realize the tail is a bit...wonky on the Growlithe/Zangoose fusion.

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