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Default Re: Pokemon Pirates Ages SU

Gender: Male
Description:he has one eye the other one went full black the first time he confronted mewtwo
his skull mask has one tooth broken off and mewtwo stole the tooth to add it to his treasure duskulls mask is very rare
Personality: headstrong reckless and doesnt really think before doing he can have a bad temper when someone tells him to do stuff but will risk anything for mewtwos treasure mostly because he wants his tooth back
History: i became a pirate ever since i was a baby because i had to we were being pillaged by the legendary pirate Recks a rotom who took mercy and kidnapped me to teach me the pirate ways to steal and to lead when rotom died i took his place as crew captain and made a new flag but i still have more to learn
Pirate Logo: a duskull face with shreaded sides
Crew:elekid:draco voltorb:desto munchlax:teck porygon:spark
Other Pokemon Description:munchlax is my first mate he is trustworthy to do anything
elekid: is my cook try his ravioli
porygon is my treasure retriever he will do anything to recieve the
treasure of mewtwo
voltorb can do anything sometimes we use him as a cannon ball

Like a Baws
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