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Default Legend of the Shadow Tracker

At one time PE2K had a thread that asked people where their user name came from. I picked my name based on a story that i had been thinking about for years. I finally sat down one day and started writing the story of the shadow trakers. the story is unfinished and little by little i try to add more to it. I like writing but i dont follow all the rules of formatting, so it might be hard to understand some of it.

“Legends exist in this world. Some have never been seen by the human eye, their actions would go unnoticed if not for them” John’s grandfather reads to him from an old book while John gets ready for bed. The images in the book depict a fight between a man and giant pokemon, the monster is surrounded by fire as the man stands perched on the edge of the volcano. John is amazed by these images, and he asks his grandfather “papa this man battles pokemon by himself”? His grandfather smiles at him, and tucks him in. “These stories aren’t about just any man, there about a legendary race of pokemon trainers that were called the shadow trackers. They’re different from normal pokemon trainers, they are said to possess special powers”. The young boy smiles at his grandfather and says. “Come on papa, I’m not six anymore, is that true?” His grandfather laughs and replies, “I thought the same thing when I was your age too. There is a place called Agent village in the Orre region, I have a friend there who has seen a shadow tracker! Not only that, the tracker was battling a legendary pokemon, a big yellow electric bird…I can’t seem to remember its name” John gets up and runs to his book shelf, he excitedly flips through the book to find the page “Papa you mean this one? the one that comes from the lightning?” John climbs back into bed and his grandfather tucks him in and responds “Yes boy, that pokemon, now there is a rumor that these shadow trackers still live in a village next to a steep mountain, but will talk about that tomorrow. Now go to bed,” John closes his eyes and starts to image how cool it would be to be able to be a shadow tracker.

Across the sparkling blue sea, over miles and miles of rolling hills, passed the lush dense green forest, you find yourself passing through the driest desert; this desert is surrounded by mountains that break through the clouds and pierce the sky. You must go further inwards and you will find something that you did not expect. A small village, that seems to be more myth then real. As you get closer to it, it seems like any other village. The farmers wipe there foreheads off to ease the heat of the mid day’s sun. There are fields of sheets and clothes hanging out to dry, they can be seen swaying back and forth as if to give away the mystery of the wind and its true intention. The wood cutters find themselves in an epic battle with the trees, they need the wood to heat their homes. The tree is not so giving and has prepared itself by growing big and thick, for the day that it would be looked upon as nothing more then a new door or chair. The aroma of the fresh pies fills the air and makes its way throughout the village. Children can be seen running about, playing with there friends and pokemon. All of which can be found anywhere and in any town. But this village is not on any map, nor are their any roads leading to it, or away from it. This position in the mountains even hides it from most planes flying over. The few people who’ve actually found it, have told stories about it. They call it Dream town, or Shadow city.

“Wake up Max.” his dad gently nudges him while he’s sleeping. Max opens his eyes to see his dad standing over him holding a cake. Max pulls himself up and lets out a yawn “Thanks dad”. His dad then sits down next to him on the bed and says “Today’s the big day Max, you can finally enter in the junior tournament”. The exciting news causes Max to jumps up and shouts, “That’s right, oh my god, I’m not even ready, there’s so much work that needs to be done…” While Max is jumping around his feet get tangled in his sheets. He doesn’t notice that as reaches for his pokeball and falls face first off the bed. As he crashes into the floor he shouts “Aipom Go……”

Max has one pokemon, Aipom. She is a very energetic monkey type. Max has given her many nicknames which change daily based on Max’s feelings. Today she will be called “Furball” but tomorrow “Fuzzball” or “Thief”. She’s a very odd looking creature, her fur is light red and she has a long spike in her hair. She has a big tail which is constantly used to swing on the wall pillars, windows and go through the cabinets for food. She has a white streak running along her back form her accident with the bleach a couple of weeks ago. Aipom is a very curious creature; she is very nosey and has the bad tendency of taking things that do not belong to it. She has a secret nest inside the wall. It’s filled with things that Aipom stole, including a rare pokeball that contains Azelf. Azelf went missing form the Dark Councils meeting room over 5 months ago, they searched everywhere using a Hypno but came up with nothing. Most of the time she’s out of her pokeball sitting on Max’s shoulders or head, its a very uncommon practice in his village.

When Max calls for her, she springs out of her pokeball and slams right into his dad. This causes Jonas (Max’s dad) to drop the cake right on Max’s face. Max then shouts “Awww you furball, get over here!” Aipom takes one look at his face which is covered in banana slices and strawberry cream topping and starts laughing “Apa Apa”. Then like a professional gymnast in one motion she jumps on his head grabs a palm full bananas and while still moving she shoots into the air and swings out the window. Max then proceeds to jump up out the window, to give chase. Jonas yells out the window “Max your still in your pjs! You have twenty minutes and then you better be back here and ready for school !”

“The world exists on fine line, a balance if you will, which depends on the legendary pokemon doing their job and you children doing yours. For example the tree spirit, she is responsible for the growth of trees and plants through the forests. If something were to cause her stress or someone were to manipulate her powers the oxygen in the air could be effected. This is where we step in. The future depends..will depend on you to protect these pokemon, which in turn protects us. Until you can understand that this balance needs to exists you can not truly be apart of the league of shadows with your family ”. Professor Walton gives his closing statement for the day. This class bores Max. At his age he feels he should be aloud to do what he wants, to make it worse Aipom hangs around outside the window taunting him. Max has been put in the corner several times and disciplined for jumping out the window or throwing something at Aipom. Each day Max must attend four hours of class, after that he has two hours battle studies. Then two hours covering how to track and locate pokemon in different environments.

Located just outside the village is Max’s school. The building has three separate sections which form a triangle around the center. In that center, there’s a court yard which is used as a battle field. Each morning the kids must hike up part of the mountain to get to school. The hiking is not just seasonal, they are required to do it all year round despite the weather. The older the student the more challenging there the path.

At school Max excels in two classes; Pokemon Tracking 203 is an advanced learning class which offers gifted youngsters a chance to focuses on different regions, eating and sleeping pattern and the many habits of different pokemon. The course is normally for much older children. A letter from the high council was needed to even consider young max for the class. Competitive Battling Strategies was a class that focused on the actual power of different pokemon in real battles, this is important to note because there is another course which is completely devoted to the theory of battling .

Max has a few very extraordinary talents that help him do well in the competitive battling classes. First, there’s Max’s speed. The first time Max’s extreme speed was noticed, he was five years old and he was able to grab an abra while it was teleporting. Since that moment his father has been secretly testing his speed in different ways, without Max even knowing. After years of these tests he calculated Max’s speed to be almost as fast as an electrike. Which is amazing because electrike are said to move faster then the human eye can blink. This information has caused an uproar in his village. Because of that, Max is still tested without his knowledge.

Second, Max has shown signs of latent telekinesis ability. His father has noted numerous instances where Max was able to move things that were no where near him. The notes read something like this “ April 12th Max moved a cup on the top shelf of the cabinet today, this is important because I’ve been moving the cup further and further away from him to see if I can get visual proof of what I believe to be telekinesis. Its exciting to finally catch a glimpse of this ability. Max doesn’t seem to notice that he does it, I think that the ability must lay deep in his subconscious. It’s a reaction

Since its Max’s birthday, he will get the honor of battling in front of his class. Each student gets a day to show off what they’ve learned. They are also ranked based off of these battles, so when they are chosen they must take it seriously. Its 12 in the after noon now, each class is letting out its kids so they can go to the next class. Max’s class has been instructed to meet in the center field today. The field was an amazing site to see, it could make any child nervous at first glance. The school was built around it so every class could see what was happening in the center. Which was another students were so nervous to be their. The field even made Max was a little nervous, as he stood out on the center. Instructor Adams their teacher usually picks the opponent, but if its someone’s birthday they are given the honor of challenging whom ever they want. The open challenged could be issued to anyone in the school including the Instructors. The students were treated like adults, and had to learn there limits the hard way if need be.

Max has a bad tendency of not looking before he leaps. He stands out in the center of the field and shouts. “Alright everyone, I’ve decided who I want to battle!” Everyone stands still waiting to hear his response. Max looks over the crowed and points at someone that no one expected. “I choice you, Tank”. The whole class turns around. Tank or Thanos as his father calls him. He is a protégé, fifth generation champion battler. One member of his family has been the head of the league of shadows for seven generations. He is on course to become the grand master one day himself. Tank shows more promise then any other single student in the school. He is just one year older then Max, yet he has the highest rank out of anyone in the school. Tank is tall for his age, and has a very imposing will. He stands with confidence and does not slouch when he sits, when hes battling everyone watches. He’s even accepted into the adults tournaments. His father is Shadow Master Crain. A Shadow Master is a very high predigest title and is second only to the Grand Master himself. He is one of two people to become Grand Master. After his induction Crain passed down his clan to Tank, it is strongest clan in the village. A battle clan is a group of friends that join together and battle as a team, they carry around flags with symbols to honor there ancestors. The clans are common in other towns but strict laws prohibit a lot of there freedoms.

Tank hears the challenge and laughs with contempt at Max. Tank’s classmates look up to him. So his laughing causes them to laugh at Max too. This laughing does not deter Max, he does not move, or back down from this move of intimidation. “Ha, you really want to battle me, Max”! Exclaims the arrogant child.His friends start clearing his path to the field, as if he were a king walking through the land he just conquered. All this excitement caused Max to over look one detail, upper classman are allowed to use more then one pokemon in battle. If he challenges someone in a higher level he must beat their whole team. At Max’s grade level he can only use one pokemon. They are taught to utilize that pokemon for every need they could possible have, even against bad type match ups.

It’s just another cold January day in the mountains. A strong wind current has caused the peaks to shower snow all over the field. The Grass in the field is frozen as they work there way to the center. Each blade breaks under the pressure of the footsteps. Max feels the frigid air in his lunges, he sees his breath form as he lets out his last couple of words. “Ok Tank lets just do this already!” As Tank approaches the field, Instructor Adams quickly makes his way to the center of the field to take control of the situation. “Alright boys I want a fair match, this will be a 2v2 match, and since its Max’s birth day he can pick the rules.” A pokemon match has guide lines, each match has different rules based on the two trainers battling preference. Max was hoping to hear that, and responds “Anything goes!”

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