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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 36: Like Father, Like Son]

At that moment my reverie was broken. A cry reached my ears and then a yell of triumph. And it did not belong to Rye. I looked up in time to see the Elekid – who appeared distracted – being knocked backed towards a boulder. Rye hit it with such force the rock instantly exploded into a thousand tiny pieces. I opened my mouth to cry out but no sound would come. My fists hammered on the barrier Rye had created; yet it still held fast, refusing to budge even an inch.

Virok lowered his battle stance and strode over to the rubble, reaching into the dust cloud and withdrawing the body of Rye, limp and black within his arm. The Elekid was not yet unconscious, but he might as well have been, for it would have saved him the pain. The Electivire slammed a paw into his face, and Rye’s slight struggling ceased. Even for all the power Darkrai had bestowed him with, there was a limit that he could not surpass. Virok was too much of a monster to be broken down; I should have seen that sooner. And now Rye was going to pay the price.

“No…” The word flowed from my mouth in a barely audible whisper, and my paws hit the barrier feebly. To my surprise it wobbled once, twice, then pooled in a puddle of grey liquid beneath my feet. That couldn’t be good.

“Well, well,” came Virok’s voice, worn and tired. “Did I not tell you that you could never beat me?! It is because I am supreme to you, Riley! And now you shall see. Now you shall bow down to my every command. Now you shall watch as I render this land helpless. Now you shall die.”

He released his grip around Rye’s neck and I watched as he fell to the floor, choking, almost lifeless. Virok lifted his foot as the Elekid managed to draw his head upwards, gazing at his father with pleading eyes. Those same emerald eyes that gave life to everything around them. The ones that were about to be extinguished. The Electivire brought his foot down.

Time halted. It ceased to exist. A strangled cry was the only sound that reached my ears, and I realised it was mine. My body was moving, running at a snail’s pace to reach the two Pokemon. Rye’s motionless body was cowering in fear, Virok’s large foot coming ever closer to his doom. The one thought that raced through my head was that I was unable to stop it. I was unable to do anything, and Rye would was going to die. My arm reached outwards, failing to grasp anything but cold air, and yet…it began to shimmer. Time slowly lurched back into its proper measurements as my arm shimmered and flickered before me, then vanished.

The next thing I knew I was screaming.

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