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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

Diamond team:
- Empoleon
- Roserade
- Hippowdon
- Crobat
- Bronzong
- Garchomp

As you can tell about my Diamond team, it's Sandstorm-oriented. Bronzong is chosen for its ability to use Hypnosis, at a time when Hypnosis was 70% accurate it was awesome. Roserade is to be the poison-inducing team member and it has Weather Ball, so that helps it deal Rock damage in Sandstorm. Empoleon's just a starter while Garchomp is the powerhouse, so there's not much to say about this.

Platinum team:
- Clefable
- Bibarel
- Gallade
- Yanmega
- Tangrowth
- Mamoswine

As you can see, four of the members are Platinum-exclusive, which is why I opted for them. The other two who are not exclusive are mainly used for their awesome abilities Magic Guard and Simple. Clefable's a Calm Mind attacker, Bibarel use Curse and Amnesia to make itself hard to take out, Gallade's a Swords Dance attacker, Yanmega use its powerful Tinted Lens to be a force, Tangrowth provides Sleep support and unleash its powerful attacks while Mamoswine's a powerful attacker. If you were wondering what starter I picked, it's Chimchar (yes, I never used him in this run).

Thanks for reading.
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