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James seemed a little surprised that they were ready to go so soon, but Elena and her Pokémon were used to moving on with little to no rest. Most often, the Leagues were relentless, and you didn't get to rest until they were completely dealt with. There was no time to stop.

Besides, Toshiro didn't like to just loaf around doing nothing; he always wanted some goal to work towards, even if it was just traveling to another destination. He did relax sometimes, but it was unlikely that he'd be battling again so soon right after this one, and he knew it. That meant there was no real reason for them to dwaddle.

The Ranger led them on without question, which she was grateful for. She did like sharing stories, and since she was always fighting, there was little time for her to interact with others. There were often weeks at a time that she stayed away from the cities, following some League trail or just trying to stay under the radar. Some things were too hard to explain to someone that wasn't involved though, so she would save those types of things for Glenne and Damian, who were in the same boat she was.

The lake was certainly pretty this morning. She didn't have a lot of time to appreciate the beauty when she was out on the road. A lot of times it wasn't this nice either. The Park kept their standards up. The water sparked from the sun, and she could hear the small waves hitting the shore like the river by her old home used to. It struck a chord in her that made her wonder what Doc and the others were doing. It was comforting yet painful at the same time, knowing she couldn't really risk going back there too often if she wanted the League to stay away.

Then, there was a strange sound. Elena wasn't really sure of what it was, but it was enough to catch James' attention. He approached the lakeside slowly and carefully. Elena caught sight of all the dark mud along the edge, instead of the usual sand, marking the cause of his caution. She followed him to take a look herself, and to her surprise, a Pokémon was playing in the mud.

It was a flat brown fish with a yellow fin tail. It was splashing around in the mud, and Elena wasn't sure if it was even aware of them being there at first. The Ranger made a face as the fish looked at him though, so at least it wasn't as slow as the Slowbro had been.

“Oh god, the Derp Parade continues,” he said, and Elena smiled and shook her head. “There's the Pokémon you've been looking for.”

“So it is,” she said, rummaging in her vest. She was grinned broadly, trying to hold back her laughter at the sight of this strange Pokémon. “Well, Glenne will be happy. I've been trying to drag her out of the caves she hides out in, but no dice. I think she'd really like the park.” She fiddled with the flap on the inside of her vest, reaching in a pocket for another Pokéball. She tossed it out onto the ground, calling, “Come on out, Fred.”

In a flash of light, her Swampert appeared. With a casual yawn, he stretched his limbs out, shaking the entirety of his blue body as he worked out the cramps. How the devices worked always confused her a bit, like if they were comfortable or not in the balls, but none of them ever really complained, so she figured it must be alright. The orange whisker spikes on Fred's cheeks wobbled as he shook his head back and forth, and the two fins on top of his head and his tail expanded for a second and shrunk back into place. He looked ready to go, as he always did.

“I think it's about time we lightened up and had a little fun,” she told him. The Swampert's eyes crinkled happily at her idea, and he turned to face the derpy looking fish. “Lately the League's been sucking the life out of me. We're supposed to be on break after all.” She had felt rushed and uptight earlier, but she realized she should probably relax while they had the chance to do so. As soon as she hit the mainland again, it was back to work.

Fred was pretty relaxed. She didn't think she had ever seen him panic or anything. He always kept his cool, when in battle or otherwise. Oftentimes he was the balance when things were going wrong. Horus tended to panic, and Koko got really tense. Sometimes it was nice to have someone able to just smooth things over and get through rough times.

Her Swampert had a lot of moves at his disposal, so it was hard to choose which ones to use. She didn't want to overwhelm the fish right away without seeing what it could do. She didn't want to startle it and maybe scare it off. It didn't happen often, but she had heard a few stories of that happening to some of the meaner Trainers to come through.

“Okay, Fred, let's start this out easy. Don't underestimate the Stunfisk though; Glenne says they have potential, and I believe her. She knows her types. Put up some Rocks first, and then start powering up with Curse. We'll have to wait to see what he does for our next move.”

With a Curse up, the Swampert would be able to hit like a truck. He was pretty good at that. Curse was a strange move. It was originally a ghost move that used the ghost's pain to inflict damage on the opponent in a mark that haunted them as long as they stayed in battle. Other Pokémon had adapted the move, but for some reason, the energy was different and it allowed them to do different things. For Fred, it was like he was under a type of trance. It slowed him a bit, but it made him more resistant to attacks and gave his limbs extra momentum. It could come in handy here.

Stealth Rock was another support move that she liked. Using the bits of earth and stones he could find, Fred would put energy into them. Some hovered, but sometimes the rocks just responded to movement. Whenever a Pokémon on the opposing side got near them, the rocks responded, and using their energy, they attacked the foe. It was useful when the opponent did a lot of tricky maneuvers and stuff. It provided them a little extra cover, which they might need. Glenne said that Stunfisk battled in a different way. She supposed they would just have to find out what she meant by it.

She really couldn't command anything more until they knew what was going on. From beside her, Toshiro's ears perked up as he watched what was happening. Elena could see the trance coming over the Swampert as he focused. It would certainly be interesting.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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