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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

(OOC: Went to a "Write-In" today for NaNoWriMo, and pulled way ahead in my word count, which means I have time to post something! :D YAY!!! Oh, and no worries, sealboy ^^ The Healer's Wing has electricity xD It's better to use that type of light in that kind of setting, I would think ^^)

Chase Owens
Dark, ex-Apprentice
Everlastia, Courtyard

Like the other students, Chase had gotten a good look at the now-desecrated Tree of Blessings. Unlike the other students, he had shown little surprise—or any emotion at all—at its changed appearance. He lingered near the side of the Great Hall, leaning against the wall as he watched scores of other students cross the courtyard, pointing to the tree with mixed expressions. Whenever they drifted towards the Guild’s treasured symbol, though, the Masters surrounding the tree would shoo them away. After the umpteenth time, the Masters were growing impatient. Chase observed, noting that their frustration was coming from both the repeated disturbances and the fact that they could not discern what had befallen the tree.

Whether or not Chase was amused, however, was just as difficult to discern. Honestly, he could care less about the tree—what was it other than a bright nuisance on the Guild’s property?

He knew it was lunch time, but currently the young man did not feel hungry. Besides, he didn’t care much for crowds, and the crowds didn’t care much for him. For now, he was content with spying on the rest of the student body.

He wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary to happen while he simply stood there, but when the courtyard began to empty of life, he noticed something unusual. Something was slinking from shadow to shadow, almost imperceptible to the untrained eye. Gradually, it slithered its way to Chase’s own shadow, where it twitched pathetically. Chase showed no apparent interest in the thing, but, within his own mind, he was allowing it to approach.

Hestitant at first, the thing slithered beneath his shoe, then proceeded to climb up his shoe, then his leg. Chase could feel nothing, but he knew that it was migrating to his upper arm. After casting a nonchalant look around his surroundings, making sure that no one was watching, Chase pulled back his sleeve. The shadows played across his pale skin, soon forming letters. Once those characters organized themselves, a message revealed itself.

Chase quickly read the message before pulling down his sleeve and detaching himself from the wall. Forging a path with determination, the young man made his way towards the Library.

He had been summoned.


Rush Peterson
Light, Recruit
Everlastia, outside the Mess Hall

Rush hadn’t expected this turn of events.

He had hoped that the bully would just move on and leave them alone. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been quite so. After one of Traynor’s thugs made a smart remark to Kumori, something strange befell the pale-haired boy. Rush saw an almost visible darkness spread across from it as he turned to the bully with wrath. The things he said, the things he almost did… it scared Rush right out of his senses. He stared between Traynor and Kumori, unable to decide who he was more freighted of.

And Kumori nearly struck Kokoro…

Rush took a step backwards, wanting to run away from the entire situation. He couldn’t understand what was going on. What was wrong with Kumori?

Eventually, due to Kokoro’s gentle patience, Kumori was able to come to his senses, but the entire thing still left Rush unnerved. He was still thinking about it when suddenly, quite randomly, a ribbon shot from nowhere and stopped Traynor mid-punch. The bully turned to an older kid standing behind them in line—a dark gray-haired youth with intelligent blue eyes who seemed to look quite innocent, holding a book like a real bookworm.

Traynor’s expression writhed with fury, but before he could say anything, the ribbon sprung to life again at the stranger’s command, effectively gagging the bully. Traynor’s hands lifted to his mouth in a futile attempt to rip it off, but the stranger moved quickly and silently. Next thing Rush knew, the bully was entirely bound by purple ribbons, and was rolling wildly away from the line.

It was quite a comical scene; in fact, the entire crowd around Rush and the others burst in to laughter, pointing at the pathetic bully as his posse chased after him.

“H-hey!” one of Traynor’s thugs turned and yelled at the laughing crowd. His eyes narrowed down to the stranger who had interfered. “This isn’t the last you’ve heard from us! You better bet we’ll get back at you for this!”

With those words, he joined with the others, chasing after their humiliated leader.

The mood lightened considerably as the students applauded the stranger’s work, and turned to each other to happily discuss Traynor’s fall. Rush, however, couldn’t bring himself to join in. He fell silent as he returned to his place in line, though he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be there anymore. Nor could he bring himself to confront the Twins’ Apprentices, to ask them what had happened. He was certain he had seen darkness in Kumori’s countenance, and Rush always got the idea drilled into his head that darkness was inherently evil.

More darkness. It was everywhere today, it seemed. And Rush, quite frankly, was scared of it.

(OOC: Yeah, sorry, Rush didn't really do much (no dialogue, argh!), other then get scared xD I'll make him do something next time around, though it depends on the others' actions ^^)

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