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The Stealth Rocks were put up quickly, and Elena was glad for it. She saw the flat fish try to wade out into the water more, which was interesting considering that was one of his weaknesses if she remembered correctly, but the rocks stopped him. They hummed with Fred's energy, warning him not to go any further. It acted like a fishing net, a barrier to keep him in range.

Unfortunately, Stunfisk was more of a special attacker, so Fred's boosted defense wasn't going to come in as handy. For the plan she was stirring up in her mind, the increased power probably wasn't going to do much good either. It didn't hurt to be prepared though, and doing that was better than standing around doing nothing while they waited for their opponent to move.

The Stunfisk began to flop around again, and this time, the water responded to his motions. The lake became alive as the liquid began to swell, and then it washed straight over the fish and through the mud, kicking up the murk to flash toward Fred. The water retreated a bit, but the piles of mud the wave had kicked up was holding some of it back, making small pools surrounding her Pokémon. The Stunfisk was still hidden though, as the water tried to drain away.

“Jol..” Toshiro said, and Elena nodded.

“Yeah, I see what he did there. Fred, watch out, he might be trying to make his electric attacks work!” she called.

She had heard stories of some trainers that used water to weaken a Ground-type's immunity to electric moves. It was something with the dampness that let the electricity conduct just enough to hurt. Since her Swampert was part water too, if Stunfisk nullified the ground that protected him, he could inflict some serious damage to the mud fish. She wasn't going to let that happen though.

“Start off with a Mud Sport. If he does fire off a thunderbolt or something, that should weaken it. Make sure to cover yourself in it too. Don't give the electricity anything to hang on to.” With all the mud around, flinging more of it over the field wouldn't be an issue. If he covered himself, it might help deflect the electricity. Fred never minded getting a little dirty.

Elena could kinda see how Glenne was interested in this thing. Water-types were a big problem for her, since she mostly trainer Rock and Ground-types. Having the electricity would really help as far as type coverage went. It was also pretty cool that Stunfisk could learn some water moves too. It was a little surprising, and maybe that was the aspect the other Trainer was going for.

“After that, fire off an ice beam! Try to freeze the mud around the fish, and then use Earthquake. We're lagging behind in the battle, so it's time to pick up the pace. The quake should knock the Stealth Rock loose too. Be prepared for some sort of retaliation, and act as quick as you can.”

She had thought of ordering a Surf instead, since that would do the same job of breaking the hopeful ice Fred would create, but she wasn't sure if it would clear the mud. As it was seen up on shore, the mud created pockets of water and made their rocks stick. The earthquake would help knock those loose instead of giving the mud more adhesive, and then if they managed to freeze the Stunfisk in place, the attack would knock it loose. Trapping it would help for capture, but she didn't want to hurt it too much. She didn't need to hold it in place for too long, just enough to get an attack off.

Of course, all of this could fall apart and not work, but then they'd just have to regroup and think of something else. They had to try at least.


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