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Default Re: Symbiosis X Mistress Meg

Huffing and panting, I rushed to the stadium and managed to arrive on time. The stadium was vacant with the exception of two Trainers and me. It had been booked for a battle that was about to take place very soon. Both battlers reached a consensus on the terms and the rest was tasked to me as the referee. On the red side of the stadium, Symbiosis had his trusty Windows 7 at his call. The Porygon was already analyzing the situation even before the battle had started. On the blue side, Mistress Meg released a Sandile who lazily shuffled to the front. I blew my whistle to signify the beginning of the battle.

[Windows 7] Porygon (-)

Ability: Trace
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Mood: Analyzing of opponentís data in progress.
Sandstorm ~ Facade/ Fire Fang

Mistress Meg
[Cron] Sandile (M)

Ability: Intimidate
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Mood: Feeling slack.
Ice Beam ~ Ice Beam

Round One

The appearance of the Sandile appeared to have an influence on the Porygon. The Virtual Pokemon calculated that the crocodile was a lot more dangerous than it seems and that very fact frightened it a little. [Sandile: Intimidate; Porygon: -1 ATK]

The Porygonís computerized senses managed to detect the Sandileís ability to instill fear into its opponents and the polygonal Pokemon traced the ability into its system and copied it. The Porygon projected a terrifying hologram that made the Sandile panicked quite a bit. [Porygon: Trace(Intimidate); Sandile: -1 ATK]

One moment ago it appeared slack, the next it was up on its feet. The Sandile started to churn and kick up the sand on the stadium, darting to and fro and widening the scale. Over the wide arena, a huge billowing dust cloud had soon engulfed the stadium. [Sandile: Sandstorm, -7 Energy]

After its analysis showed that its opponentís latest move did not appear to be threatening, the polyhedral Pokemon began to make its move. Its blue beak started to glow bright blue and the tip of it began to chill and form ice. It launched a concentrated beam of ice at the Desert Croc Pokemon, the Sandile squealed in pain as the coldness numbed its body. Cron felt like his body was contracting so much until it could almost burst. [Porygon: Ice Beam, -29 Energy; Sandile: -20 HP]

Slightly shivering from the attack, the Sandile closed his eyes and began to feel warmth gathering at his mouth. He bared his little fangs that were as sharp as thorns and soon the overwhelming heat coloured his teeth a strong shade of amber. He rushed forward, clamping his jaws into the side of the artificial Pokemon. The burning fangs caused the Porygonís system to be jammed up haphazardly and its senses were blurred for a moment. What sounded like a sequence of metallic robotic noises was emitted from the Virtual Pokemon as though it was shouting. [Sandile: Fire Fang, -15 Energy; Porygon: -8 HP]

Its body cooled down relatively quickly and its beak sparked with icy energy once more. A bluish laser beamed out from the beak and the second it made contact with the crocodile, the laser exploded with an ice-cold bolt that harshly struck the Sandile. The sand crocodile staggered backwards, huddling into a ball in an effort to warm his body. [Porygon: Ice Beam, -29 Energy; Sandile: -20 HP]

Meanwhile the gargantuan dust cloud roared down onto the battlefield, gusts filled with grains of sand scattered all over the place. Some of the sand buffeted the Porygon in the eyes, temporarily disrupting its system. It shook of the dirt and focused back on the situation at hand. [Porygon: -6 HP]

[Windows 7] Porygon (-)

Ability: Trace (Intimidate)
HP: 86
Energy: 42
Mood: Data analyzed. [-1 ATK]

Mistress Meg
[Cron] Sandile (M)

Ability: Intimidate
HP: 60
Energy: 77
Mood: Feeling cold. [-1 ATK]

Sandstorm for 1 more round.
Ice Beamís Critical Roll was 7481, 625 or less for critical hit.
Ice Beamís Effect Roll was 7/10, 1 for Effect.
Fire Fangís Critical Roll was 8559, 625 or less for critical hit.
Fire Fangís Accuracy Roll was 68, 95 or less to hit.
Fire Fangís Effect Roll was 6/10, 1 for effect.
Ice Beamís Critical Roll was 5858, 625 or less for critical hit.
Ice Beamís Effect Roll was 5/10, 1 for effect.

Arena Notes
There's a dust cloud over the stadium.

Symbiosis, your moves please.

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