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Default Re: Nominations for PE2K Forum Breakdown

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Sweet idea! :D

I'll be the first to nominate something, then---


Also, I think that his fan-fic here should get more attention, because Michelle8936 and Grassy Aggron have worked hard on it--and recently added their seventy-first chapter. 71 Chapters!!! What an accomplishment! :D I can't quite give a synopsis of what's been going on, though, cuz I'm only around chapter 20-something ^^'
You...You mentioned us...We are not forgotten...OH YOU SAINT COME HERE! *Huggles* It might have been over a week, but dangit I still need to thank you!

And if that is scary, we are working on Chapter 81 currently ;D We won't update again though until it gets a review. It's hard work, and it's been going for 3 years. We want appreciation XD And thanks Char for reading it ;D Hope you're enjoying it.

Nyar. I have to go to college, but when I get back I'll pick out something. I have a good idea who I'm nominating.

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