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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 22-Escaping it all

All of her attitude-her serious nature, her control over the scenario-all of it wasn't totally gone, but now there was an unmistakable look in her eye, the kind one gets when an assumption was totally wrong, and it couldn't have turned out any worse than what it turned out to be. Mario had cooled down, and was now getting ready for my plan, as he took my hand, and we teleported back to the fourth-floor security office.

"So, how did you turn one of these on again?" I asked, still not making any kind of stupid notion to how things were going to proceed from there. Maybe she still thought I'd come to terms with it, or that I'd escape in time, that was it. She hadn't reached the bottom of the well I threw her into, obviously. I had to contain myself as she punched in the codes that canned out the lockdown, and nobody could have mistaken the sounds of the lockdown being over with, as doors opened and civilians that were using very clever hiding spots this whole time took the incentive to ditch their cover and head for the nearest ship out of here.

<"We've successfully broken the news of Avonu to the civilians on the Calypso. Twelve of the civilians are willing to join, and are capable. Two more were just too young, so as you asked, I turned them down. They and the rest are leaving for their ships. I guess you're going to break it to them now, aren't you?"> Karazin said.

It was just the perfect case-scenario, I couldnít believe it myself. Anne should have seen the signs I had a gun on me the instant I had difficulty getting the straps on by myself. I'd have no difficulty getting the straps on myself, said straps capable of being placed nowhere but on my back, but thankfully stretching and shrinking with my body, unless, of course, something was on my back already. It was a mistake that the Ninjuitsu was ever between my jacket and my shirt, like it was, and I hadn't used it at all, mainly because I only realized it was there when I put the straps on. Had I known it was there before I reached Trident, Iíd have taken it off. Had I known this was going to happen, Iíd have kept it on. Now I pulled it out, using metal control, and aiming it at Anne's head, said cranium now starting to have beads of sweat dripping down. This was the worst-case scenario for her, she thought. She thought wrong.

"Punch a line in with the Zealous Soul, and make sure Gear Pesse is on the receiving end. Now." I said, making sure that there was a very-heavily implied and emphasized "Or else" in there as well. Anne's fingers failed to tremble as she punched in the correct codes for such a thing, but she couldn't get her sweating under control.

"Ba****d!" Gear's voice emitted from a small screen, his face equally visible, with an angry face on that would make a whole herd of Tauros stop a blind charge. He must have been aware about Anne's emergency teleported chip being removed.

"Same to you! You think you can just hide the truth from me and get away? Huh? Lying isn't exactly the way to hide stuff from me. I find out what I want, no matter what you do to hide it, in fact. There isn't any way around it." I said. "Take this whole incident you are about to experience as an example." I added, throwing Anne's face at the screen, avoiding breaking it. With Mario nearby, she wasn't going to try anything. This was golden. Gearís face turned into a panicked, sad kind of look, sweat forming on his face, and his eyes turning worried, almost watery.

"I hope you weren't thinking I killed Anne and that it was safe to blow me to kingdom come, because she's still here, unable to do anything. I've got someone on my side capable of killing her in case she breaks free from me, and let me tell you, that isn't anything easily done in itself." I said, trying to make sure that Gear got the picture, that he had no ways around my upcoming demands. "You will be the fault for killing Anne, nobody else. Whoever authorizes this station going to hell is going to be the one to condemn your girlfriend, and right now, you're the only one I know of doing that..." I continued. "You know, I'm not above killing, but I think it's just plain better to leave as little destruction in my wake as possible, as little death as possible, I don't like death, and you probably don't either. If you let the Calypso leave, with me and my buddy here in it's hull, and let it go to Kaiot, all without chasing us, then your girl will stay here, unharmed. Think about doing anything funny, and you'll find your 'love bunny's' brains all over this room...And don't think about anything else. Let there be life, or let there be death, and I hope you are who I think you are. You'd let down more than my expectations if you didn't let us all live." I said.

Gear looked dumbstruck, totally dumbstruck. It was worth millions in my own mind to see him in such a position that he couldn't do a single thing against me, or else he'd be responsible for his love's ultimate demise, and the resulting look. It was all priceless.

"...Ba****d! Mother*******, B**ch-s***ing, c**p-filled, a**-faced ba****d!" Gear cussed, turning his back to me and obviously destroying something back where the screen wasn't viewing. His face reverted to his outraged look when I caught a glimpse.

"I take that as an 'I still hate you, but you can live' statement." I said, smirking.

"Yes! Give me back my girl, or I will hunt you down like the son of a b**ch you are and make sure you die nice and slow!" Gear yelled, whirling around to face the camera. He was red all over, which badly clashed with his bronze-colored everything else.

"Hold it! You have to retrieve Anne by coming here on the smallest ship you can possibly use, you have to do it in a manner that we can see you on the remaining cameras here, you have to come alone, you have to physically walk down here and reclaim Anne without using any Volteerist abilities in any way, you have to have utterly no Pokemon, and you have to return in a similar manner, and once she's back in your hands, we leave. Don't try anything funky, or else." I said, not even twitching with Gear's absolutely outraged face staring me down, making sure that Gear had utterly no opportunity. Part of our planning included the Calypso's speed and how fast we could go to activate the DEE, go through, and make it to the other side without harming the ship. Even though we could go pretty fast, and only needed to activate the DEE once we were at the site, I didn't want a lucky chance ruining it all.

"Got it, ba****d." Gear said with an equally nasty, yet utterly quiet voice.

I turned off the monitor, without any other word. Now it was time for the waiting game.

"Why...Why did you do that, if we weren't-"

"Because you were." I said. I would save the sweetest irony-that not Iris, but Anne, was the unwitting informant that tipped me off-to myself.


"But nothing. I knew, I acted. That's all I'll say." I said.

"How did-"

"Aren't you the hostage? Shouldn't you stay silent and not piss me off?" I said, silencing Anne with a quick reminder of her situation.

On one of the security cameras, a small ship, with very few arms, came to a docking bay nearby, sonar and infared confirming such things. I myself kept an eye on the bronze-colored, gear-patterend ship, and sure enough, Gear Pesse, still brilliantly red where skin showed, came out. I should have mentioned Arms, but he was alone, as promised. He didn't run, but calmly walked outside, appearing behind a door which was noticably close to where we were, in my sight.

Gear walked over slowly, steadily, one of his hands dangerously close to the Gear Titan, but not close enough to warrent action. Not yet. His hand remained in that almost-close-enough position by the time he reached Anne, and instead of using that hand to draw the Titan, he instead gently took hold of Anne's arm. I immediatly removed my grip and teleported to the Calypso's hull. I wasn't totally cool with the energy-sapping process that was teleporting more than a short distance away, but the Calypso was ready to move it's rear the instant we got inside.

We were off almost at once, and we were not going at the designated safe speed, considering it was 50 Erian-per-hour. Erian is basically the space equivelant of Miles, for those that have never boarded any kind of spacecraft before. I'm not sure of the exact measurements, but one Erian is definatly bigger than one Mile.

As if that concerned us. If Gear didn't kill us himself, he'd probably do it with the help of the strongest ship he could access, the Zealous Soul, the largest and one of the strongest ships in the whole Onlisk fleet. A massive Battlecarrier, it has eight ports for small spacecraft like Fighters and Gunships, two for middle-sized ships like Cruisers, smaller battleships, and one Minicarrier like the Calypso, and one that could house a mid-sized battleship or two. All of this was protected with a massive array of Pulse railguns and Neutro missles, along with four Cardinal Cannons, and a green dish in the center that was the single strongest weapon on that ship, known to the few privelaged, high-ranking Onlisk that could use it as the Omega gun. It was apparently based off of some satellite that was used in a civil war in a secluded universe somewhere by the leading government, the designs for it being quickly stolen under their noses after it was discovered to be able to destroy planets with a single shot. The Omega gun's power wasn't anything like that, but was definatly still capable of bringing down some massive targets in a blow, at most being able to down a ship just slightly larger and sturdier than the Zealous Soul, and at least something about its own size. There's no competiton about anything weaker than the ship itself, especially with a minicarrier like the Calypso. Combo that beast up with the Pulse railguns and the Cardinal cannons, and if they could get in a clear shot, we were dead.

That was why we quickly went around the Trident station, behind it and the Zealous Soul, to where the DEE site was, without giving them opportunities to shoot us down easily. We were there in fifteen seconds flat, and the DEE was ready by then.

Every last window shut abrupty and suddenly, as we made our way to safer areas: The light coming from outside from where the Dimensional Edges collided when going between them, was bright enough that the nervous system literally cannot absorb such a powerful concentration of light via the eyes, and if it were to, would briefly malfunction, then cease to function: In layman's terms, it's too much to see safely, even for a second, and if you do, you go into stroke for a minute or two, and die afterwards. Even with all sources of ways of light to creep in sealed up, the whole place got brighter, simply from the light outside. It would take a few minutes for us to be in Kaiot from here.

I guess Mario went to other parts of the ship, and with the unique PokeBalls that I had yet to give to Karazin, I decided his room was my first stop. The Calypso could have fitted about two-thousand plus people in here at least, and when you only have one hundred-plus occupants, there's a lot of space. Fortunatly, we kept to the front of the ship, and rarely ventured into the maze that was the Calypso's full interior.

I was at Karazin's room, having knocked on the door about a dozen times to get his attention for training, but I never entered. The rooms were all the same, but Karazin had out several makeshift peices of tech lying around, out of the way, usually connected to one another with wires. Most of it was spread out neatly on Karazin's table, which had Karazin himself, thankfully awake, writing stuff down feverishly on a peice of paper. When it comes to tasks, Karazin is ironically hasty: He's definatly not going to make mistakes, but his eight-hour awake time at most is a major issue with work, and henceforth, if he does something, be it beating the c**p out of assailiants or writing stuff down, he does it fast, even while tired. He's patient, but when he decieds you're wasting his time, he can get awfully irritated about it. It's usually rare he does dub anything a waste of time, however.

"Oh, hello, is there anything amiss? I already did training while you were gone." Karazin commented, not even looking at me, still writing down something large vigorously.

"No, no, unless the Onlisk have found a way to open fire at us sucesfully while we're crossing over dimensions." I said, casually. "But, I've found these unique PokeBalls, and I'm wondering if you could...You know, do things with them." I said, actually pulling out the PokeBalls. Karazin turned around, and noticed them both with modest suprise.

"My, my, those are two of the rarest balls in the world...And one's totally illegal. I assume that you forgot to give it to me in those recollections of what went down in Team Plasma's Castle?" Karazin stated. Of course I told everybody. "That being said, the real suprise is the other one...The fabled GS Ball...That thing's worth more than the Calypso, if only for it's unique nature." Karazin said, obviously starting on one of his ramblings.

"No sentient being has ever solved the massive amount of mysteries behind this unique PokeBall: to start, the substances used in it's structure are totally unique to it and it alone, and even with the strongest technology possible thus far we haven't even the slightest trace of the kinds of substances used to make this PokeBall, no matter how far we search with it. It's also impossible to open, as far as we know: Every last technique to open a PokeBall's contents, conventional or otherwise, has been used and exausted on that one thing, from simply throwing it to using the Gear Titan itself to forcibly destroy whatever force keeps it invincible. Even the Paradoxial Lightning and Arbit-Burning have been attempted, but it seems that whatever guards it is not a Paradox, extremely hard to even make a tiny scratch, regenerates almost instanty after being hit, and is basically Everything-proofed. One thing is for certian: there is something inside the GS Ball, something, but nobody knows. It only reacts to extremely strong Volteers by wobbling a little during and briefly after contact." Karazin said. "It's unknown what's in it, though. Nobody knows who made it, either. All anybody knows is that one day, a kid was walking along in a small patch of woods near his house, and he found the GS Ball, and never knew anything about it.." Karazin concluded.

Considering the amount of haze on the subject, it's shortness was to be expected, I guess. Karazin didn't need to be psychic to read my mind: "Let me guess: 'Please find out what's inside it for me, will you?' Don't bother asking: I am as curious as you are. As for the Dark Ball..."

"I'm not planning on using it as it is." I said.

"Good. Rarely is anyone forgiven for using it, unless of course the Pokemon you've caught it inside was otherwise out of all control and wouldn't have stopped until everything was killed. This makes for ironic marks with it, as usually Pokemon like Gyarados and Tyranitar are the ones caught, the real hyper-aggressive, territorial Pokemon that like increasing it's terriroty and don't care what the territory is as long as it can live there and nobody disturbs it, period. The total control over it is usually the reason why it could be used in rare, communities where nasty disasters strike with common repetition and incredible power. The strength level and the potential abuse it will willingly take is usually the reasons behind not using it, and more recently the Engulfment process could be programmed into the ball. In these cases, it's nearly impossible to Purify the Pokemon. It was originally intended for better purposes, but quite frankly failed when most of it was stolen by criminal organizations, even after the Pokemon they caught with it and most of the unused Balls were stolen by counterterrorist operations." Karazin said. "From the looks of it, the Engulfment process is programmed and immediatly applied upon capture, which is conveniant. I was going to test and see if the unique and powerful moves that are brought out by the Engulfment process could be used without the only negative effect of the Pokemon in question being Shadow. I'll keep you posted."

He immediatly put the two PokeBalls aside, and continued writing stuff down. I walked outside, and was starting to head to my room, when a noise took me by suprise, and I looked to my left.

There he was, Mario, stroking the Ninetales Viencia had once owned, Mario letting it have the dark pleasure of knowing that a part of their revenge for what they did had already been exacted, the Ninetales making content noises. It was obvious that the curses a Ninetales was known for were applied with the Ninetale's will involved, as the Ninetales was letting her tails rest upon Mario, and I could see no ill effects of it. I let him be, and never remembered the exact words. He had the full right to be proud of proving to one of his worst enemies that he was the better, at least at direct strength.
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