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Post What to do with an Audino? Have you already caught one?

Hi, trainers. I have caught an Audino in my White version todady, it was in the interior of Pinwheel Forest, near the . It seems a very very very rare Pokemon that appears ONLY in the rustling grass. Well, I got very proud for catching it normally (I mean... no gameshark), but it seems that I don't need to get that proud once Audino doesn't have any exclusive ability, its base stats aren't that high and crappy level moves (I'll need to waste some TMs if I want to turn Audino into a semi-sweeper). That's why it was an easy catch, it's not worth a fighter Pokemon!

So, my question is... were you going to put that Audino in the PC and forget about it existence once it've already inserted the info dex you needed anyways, or were you going to use it in your team to exebit it out like a trophy once it's rare and you got it so other trainers might think your're cool?

I've already my decision done. I just wanna see your opinion.